My neighbour dumped her washing machine outside her house – it's been there for two months & looks like such an eyesore | The Sun

My neighbour dumped her washing machine outside her house – it's been there for two months & looks like such an eyesore | The Sun

July 25, 2022

AN ANGRY woman has slammed her neighbour for leave a washing machine outside the front of her house for over two months.

The anonymous woman took to Mumsnet where she explained how she lives in a row of terraces – adding that her neighbour next door has an end terrace.

She continued: "Neighbour has had her washing machine dumped around the side of the house in full view for the past 2 months."

"It costs £15 for the council to collect it. Garden is also overgrown (they use the back as a dog s*** run) – I doubt they clean up the s***."

She went on to note how her neighbour works part time and is home a lot so has time.

The woman concluded: "It just looks like a big eyesore as you can see it as soon as you come into the cul-de-sac. It looks f***ing terrible."


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And it wasn't long before social media users took to the comments section – with very mixed reviews.

"Depends. I've just moved a sofa, a bed and chest of drawers to the front of my house ready for them to be collected in a week. It looks unsightly but I don't have much choice," wrote one.

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If they were there for months and months then fair enough but a couple of weeks is OK in my view."

A second penned: "Maybe ask them if they've arranged collection for it. My local council takes weeks to come and collect something so it can take a bit of time."

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A third commented: "If it's on her property then it's her right to have it there if she wants. IMO as far as neighbour annoyances go, rusty white goods outside barely even registers."

If it's on public land or someone else's property then it's fly tipping though and the neighbour responsible is a cheeky mare."

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Meanwhile, another questioned: "Does she have a car? Does she have a spare £15? Perhaps she has a disability and can't move it."

It is clearly p***ing you off. Why don't you be a good neighbour and over to help her move it? Or would you rather just judge?"

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