My mum purposely got pregnant with me at 15, I love it & we look like twins

My mum purposely got pregnant with me at 15, I love it & we look like twins

July 28, 2021

A WOMAN has revealed how she and her mum are often mistaken for twins, as they look so alike.

TikTok user LeleRocket found herself going viral online after she revealed her mum fell pregnant with her when she was a teenager and now the pair look more like identical sisters than they do mother and daughter.

The woman explained her mum had "purposely fallen pregnant" when she was 15 years old and claims she was thrilled to find out she was expecting, despite being in her teens.

Revealing just how similar they look, she is often sharing videos online with her mum, including one post – that has since been watched over 1.1million times online – where she explained: "My mum purposely got pregnant with me when at 15 & jumped for joy when the doctor told her she was pregnant.

"Now people ask if we're twins," the 30-year-old said, as she shared a picture of her youthful looking mum.

Hundreds commented on her post, shocked at the striking resemblance between the two.

"Definitely twins – omg y'all are so pretty," said one person.

Another posted: "Holy s*** yall really could pass as twins," while a third commented on a video of the mum and daughter switching places: "I can't tell who is who.:

While the woman has had to face criticism over her mum having a baby in her teens, she insists she loves that her parents are so young.

When one viewer suggested 15 is a "child", she hit back in a follow-up video shared online: "I brag about my mum all the time, and my dad, I think they're both incredible.

"Yes, my mum was a child when she had me – technically my dad was as well as he was only 16 – but my mum has always made it very known that I was always wanted and I was always loved.

"She always tells me that she wanted someone to love who would love her back unconditionally."

My mum has always made it very known that I was always wanted and I was always loved

She continued: "Me and my brother we grew up in a home where we loved, we grew up in a home where there was always food on the table and we grew up in a home where we wanted for nothing because my mum and dad worked really hard to make sure we had everything we wanted."

She did, however, add: "I'm not saying that all 15 year olds should go out and have babies, but what I am saying is, if you do find yourself in this predicament, then there's nothing stopping you from being a great parent."

In another video, the woman revealed her parents are still together now – 30 years later.

Responding to a comment suggesting getting pregnant at 15 was "not a flex", she said: "I think it was nice to know that I wanted, I think it's nice to know that I weren't an accident. So yeah to you it might not be a flex, but I'm 30 now.

"My mum and dad are still together… it's a flex to me, I think it's really nice my mum and dad are still together after all this time. They're grandparents now to my kids, pre Covid they were on four holidays a year – they're living their best life now, they're just doing it back to front."

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