My mother-in-law kept snooping in our room whenever she came over so I set a trap, now my husband says I’ve gone too far

My mother-in-law kept snooping in our room whenever she came over so I set a trap, now my husband says I’ve gone too far

January 26, 2022

A WOMAN has revealed that her husband has called her an “a**hole” after she set a trap for his mum who kept sneaking into their bedroom.

Taking to Reddit, she explained that had continuously found her mother-in-law snooping in their room despite her repeatedly denying it when confronted.

Frustrated, the woman had then installed a doorknob that required a key in a bid to deter her mother-in-law, but even that didn’t seem to work.

In her post, she wrote: “She’s still always “forgetting” where the bathroom is and trying the bedroom and office door. This really ticks me off. 

“My husband says that I just get annoyed at this because everything she does drives me crazy and since we’ve put locks on the rooms we don’t want her in, there isn’t really a problem anymore.”

However, the woman was forced to lay a trap when she misplaced the keys to her bedroom, despite her husband insisting that she wouldn’t try the doors.

She continued: “I covered the knobs in glitter and for the office went a touch further and rigged a little folder of glitter over the door to the office before the in laws came over. 

“I left it one side unlocked (French doors) and it was set so if you walked in the room you would get covered in glitter.

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“Husband goes out of his way to show his mom the main floor bathroom when they got here and specifically asks his parents and sister not to go upstairs. There’s a baby gate so the kids can’t get upstairs either.

“Well guess who had to go to the bathroom and got covered in glitter and had it all over their hands and hair? 

“She completely lost it and started screaming at me so I yelled back and now my husband is saying I went too far and I’m the a**hole. 

“MIL also says I’m the a**hole  but SIL says I didn’t do anything wrong and MIL deserved it for snooping.”

The post received hundreds of comments from fellow redditors who all agreed that the woman was certainly not an ‘a**hole.’

Commenting, one wrote: “That  is HYSTERICAL!!!!!!! You are my goddamn hero.”

“Pretty self evident who’s the AH here, and it ain’t you,” added another, while a third wrote, “I would have paid big bucks to see her face.”

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