My mom gave me a very unique name – it's so bad, people think the doctor made an awkward mistake | The Sun

My mom gave me a very unique name – it's so bad, people think the doctor made an awkward mistake | The Sun

October 20, 2022

WHEN it comes to naming a child, many parents have a hard time.

Rather than choose a name while they’re expecting, some people wait until they hold their baby in their arms to come up with a moniker that matches their little one.

One woman, who goes by @i_lovechico on TikTok, said her parents gave her a name that always stops people in their tracks when she shares it.

What is it? Tomorrow. Her name is Tomorrow.  

She shares this fun fact with her TikTok followers right off the bat, as her bio states: “Yes, my name is Tomorrow.”

When one user doubted her and asked, “Yo mama named you Tomorrow for real,” she decided to make a video with proof.

The first frame of the clip showed a pencil pouch. On it, she had written her name in sharpie: Tomorrow.

Next, she revealed the login page on her laptop, which said “Tomorrow” alongside her last name that she covered for privacy.

On some sort of homework sheet, she had written “Tomorrow” and her last name on the name line.

And lastly, on a printed piece of paper, her unusual name was typed across the top.

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The comment section was filled with humorous remarks, many of which Tomorrow herself liked.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Tomorrow,” one person wrote.

Another thought the mother had made an awkward mistake at the hospital: “Doc: ‘Soo what’s going to be the baby’s name?’ M: ‘Oh I’ll name it tomorrow.’ Doc: ‘If you say so.'"

And a third called out the mother: “It be your own people sometimes."

Other users liked the name and said they’ve heard similarly unique ones:

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“It’s cute. There’s this girl in my class named Time,” one noted.

“I love unconventional names. There’s a dude in my class named Favor and he’s so nice,” another said.

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