My Kmart nail glue exploded in my face and ruined my car – now I'm warning others | The Sun

My Kmart nail glue exploded in my face and ruined my car – now I'm warning others | The Sun

February 10, 2023

DURING a shopping trip at Kmart, an Australian woman said she bought a container of artificial nail glue.

Then, she said, the container "exploded," leaving her shocked and her car a mess. Now, she's warning others about her experience.

Caitlin Douglas (@caitlinrosedouglas_) posted a video to TikTok where she shared photos to support her claims.

In the video montage, Douglas showed a bottle of False Nail Adhesive from the brand OXX Cosmetics.

OXX Cosmetics is one of Kmart Australia's in-store brands, and is not sold in the United States or affiliated with U.S. Kmart stores.

"Don't every buy this nail glue from Kmart," Douglas wrote in the video's caption.

She claimed, "It literally exploded in my face and ruined my car."

In one photo Douglas posted, a thin coating of glue visible on her hands, and dripping down her face near her eye.

The next showed the glue spilled over the center console of her car.

In the comments of the video, Douglas said that she reached out to Kmart Australia about her experience.

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In a statement to The U.S. Sun, a Kmart Australia spokesperson stated, "We take feedback on the safety and quality of our products very seriously."

The spokesperson said Kmart has "been in contact with this customer and are looking into this incident with our quality team."

"All of our products also come with the appropriate warnings and labels so that our customers can make informed purchases," the statement continued.

The spokesperson urged consumers to follow included guidelines to "use the product in a safe manner" and contact  [email protected] with questions.

The U.S. Sun also reached out to Douglas, but had not received a response at the time of publication.

Some commenters on the video Douglas posted asked her if she had used the nail glue under hot conditions.

The adhesive's guidelines instruct consumers to keep the product away from heat and flame.

But Douglas explained that, while it was a warm day outside, she did not open the glue under hot conditions.

"It wasn’t hot. I bought it and opened it straight away," Douglas wrote in a comment.

In another comment, she said the air conditioning was on in her car when she opened the package.

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Douglas also wrote that she was physically unharmed, but her car sustained damage.

"I scrubbed myself to get it off but I had to replace the center console in my car," she claimed.

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