My husband said my girls' night out outfit was ‘not appropriate for a mom' and 'too short' – it’s divided opinion | The Sun

My husband said my girls' night out outfit was ‘not appropriate for a mom' and 'too short' – it’s divided opinion | The Sun

February 10, 2023

BEFORE heading out the door for a long-awaited night with her friends, a mom asked her husband what he thought of her outfit.

His opinion shocked her: he said the dress she picked was "too short," and some commenters agree.

Lifestyle content creator and stay-at-home mom Hannah Murphy (@hannahmurphy) polled her followers after the confrontation with her husband.

"Is this outfit inappropriate for a mom?" she asked in a video.

"I'm going out with a couple mom friends, and my husband thinks my outfit is not appropriate for a mom and a wife," Murphy said.

Posing in her bathroom, Murphy stood back from the camera to model the entire outfit.

She wore a belted purple blazer dress and tall black boots. As she turned, she revealed shorts beneath the dress.

According to Murphy, her husband declared the outfit "too short."

"My argument is, I'm wearing my workout shorts and my workout bra underneath," Murphy explained.

"I actually go to the gym without cover, so why is it not okay to go out like this?" she argued. "I'm even more covered up."

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Commenters were divided. Some "didn't see anything wrong" with the outfit, and others sided with Murphy's husband.

"You’re very pretty and you might rethink that outfit," one woman wrote. "Husband is right."

"Being a mom doesn’t define how you dress! You are a baddie," someone else argued.

Several people said that Murphy needed to show "respect" for her husband by changing clothes.

"If you want to wear whatever you want then you should stay single," they said.

A different commenter agreed that Murphy needed to change. "Sorry, but you're married with children," they wrote.

Some moms said their own husbands would have no issue with the outfit.

"I’ve put together an outfit very similar to this and my husband loves it," one woman wrote.

And others tried to compromise by telling Murphy to save the outfit.

"You look incredible, but I would wear that with him on a date," a thoughtful woman said.

Murphy wrote back, saying her husband had the same idea.

"He’s totally okay with me wearing it with him," Murphy said.

This raised a red flag for some commenters.

"So he’s just insecure in your relationship with him?" one snarked.

Despite the divided opinions, Murphy clarified that the commenters' feedback didn't really make a difference.

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Neither did her husband's.

"I'm going out like this anyway," she said with a nonchalant shrug. "He can't stop me."

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