My husband & I earn £300k but don’t have enough for luxuries – people troll us, but it's really tough | The Sun

My husband & I earn £300k but don’t have enough for luxuries – people troll us, but it's really tough | The Sun

April 25, 2023

A COUPLE has shared that while they earn £300k between them, they feel like they still struggle and can’t afford the luxuries they’d like.

And while many were unimpressed with their revelation about their life and told them to “check their privilege”, the woman and her partner insisted that they had it tough. 

The woman in question started an anonymous Mumsnet thread under the title ‘100K plus salary, is it worth it?’

She posted under the name ‘Going to get slated’, before launching into a rant which was later bombarded with comments. 

She wrote: “For the record…Not trying to be insensitive…partner and I both earn approx 150k each. 

“Working long and unpredictable hours with high levels of stress and responsibility.”

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However, she soon said that she felt as if their money didn’t stretch far enough for the lifestyle they would like.

She continued: “Yet here we are living in a 3 bed terrace in the East End of London, a basic car, neither of us into high end expenses/dining out/clothes. 

“We used to holiday a lot pre children, I guess would classify as our major expenditure in the past.

“But is it actually worth it? “A decent 4/5 bed house (with kerb appeal I admit) in the commuter belt seems to be coming in at 1.5 million minimum. 

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“Add the commuting costs/ extended nursery hours, paid help required there’s barely anything left – relatively speaking.

She then shared how they’d thought about re-evaluating their choices and getting different jobs or moving away, as they thought it would help them financially. 

The post continued: “Would we not be better off sacking it all in, moving to the countryside and earning enough to pay the bills?

“We appear to be stuck in this middle ground where we earn too much to have any allowances from the state, contribute a lot to the government yet not enough for any real benefits in lifestyle.”

But it seems her username was indicative of what was to come, as the couple were indeed slated for their confession by internet trolls.

One person slammed her as they wrote: “Jesus. Your combined earning approx 300k, and you’re whinging that you don’t get help from the government?

“Erm, check your privilege.”

A second person was in agreement as they said: “You earn £300k and you don’t think you have any lifestyle benefits? Really?”

As a third spoke for most other people on the thread when they commented: “A combined income of £300k and you’re feeling hard done by?

“You are either terrible at managing your money or you have completely lost touch with reality.”

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