My Hangers Are Sweating Just Looking at Marc Jacobs's Massive New Puffer Coats

My Hangers Are Sweating Just Looking at Marc Jacobs's Massive New Puffer Coats

June 29, 2021

My Hangers Are Sweating Just Looking at Marc Jacobs’s Massive New Puffer Coats

Marc Jacobs could have just set the world record for largest puffer coats ever constructed. The designer sent a handful of them down his fall 2021 runway, which took place as a traditional show set at the New York Public Library among fully vaccinated editors only. Marc titled his new collection “Happiness.” He led with show notes that spoke to his vital need for creativity — that being his lifeline through the past year of loneliness and anxiety, which we have all experienced in different ways. “Through the physicality of this shared experience, I hope to offer a moment of inspiration, curiosity, wonder and possibility,” he wrote.

Wonder you will at his incredible new lineup that doesn’t just include the aforementioned jackets, but puffer stoles, hoods, snoods, cropped capes, and skirts, each one even fluffier than the last. They come in many colors — we particularly like the black-and-white stripe that is psychedelic, fantastical, and symbolic of the original Marc Jacobs brand at its core — and there is something for everyone. Everyone, or maybe even every two, since some of these coats are big enough to fit an entire family, if we’re being honest.

The hangers at Bergdorf Goodman, where Marc Jacobs has just announced an exclusive partnership, must be sweating. Because really, how can one hanger take the weight and withstand the burden of displaying such a colossal coat? In actuality, the models who walked the runway, including sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid, would be able to attest to that, many of whom pulled off the endeavor in towering Mary-Jane platforms that are nothing to scoff at. Scroll to see clips from the runway, watch the full video, then see shots from backstage, where Marc and his team prepared these imaginative, space-age puffers to take over the world.

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