‘My hair started falling out’: Hairstylist shares tips on going grey for amazing results

‘My hair started falling out’: Hairstylist shares tips on going grey for amazing results

November 20, 2021

Lorraine discusses going grey with Michelle Visage

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Dawn French and Jamie Lee Curtis are just two celebrities who have made the bold decision to ditch the dye and embrace the grey. They are paving the way for women everywhere. Dark-haired Margaret Baxter opted to grow out her grey roots in lockdown and hasn’t looked back since.

Hair salon manager Margaret had thought about growing out her roots for years, but something always held her back.

“I was really nervous about doing it in case it aged me or my confidence went down.”

She knew she would go grey “eventually”, but taking the plunge proved difficult.

“My hair started falling out, as i had a lot of stress going on. I thought that I would give it a go.”

She added: “I didn’t want to colour it because I didn’t want to put more stress on my head.”

Initially her decision created a moral dilemma.

“Obviously, our business is to promote colour. I knew I was going to get some stick, we did have a meeting with directors and they weren’t impressed.”

But she wanted to take the plunge for herself.

The subsequent announcement of a national lockdown helped her solidify her decision.

“Lockdown gave me the inspiration to do it. A lot of good has come out of lockdown.”

Not being able to leave the house was a blessing for Margaret, as no one had to see the stark line which separated her dark hair and new white roots, which can undoubtedly be a painful process.

When the world began to open up again and Margaret returned to work and social events, she used a hairband to cover the sharp line.

But for those who wish to grow out their greys post-lockdown, do not fear.

“I was fortunate in lockdown because I got away with it, but the best option if you want to do it is to get highlights. You do blonde highlight to start with because it blends in.”

She added: “A good cut also makes a big difference.”

She advises that those who wish to brave the grey see what kind of colour their roots grow out as.

“Mine’s a really good colour, pure white.”

She admitted that if it had been a salt and pepper colour she “wouldn’t have done it”.

Another top tip she has is to invest in a good silver shampoo to stop it going yellow.

Margaret has found a new lease on life since accepting going grey, and it has been transformative for her confidence.

Haircare brand Wella Professionals has launched grey enhancing products in seven new shades, and as a hair salon manager, have asked Margaret to be their model.

She said: “Everybody loves it.”

Margaret is even experimenting with her fashion.

“Before I couldn’t wear pinks, but now it’s nice to be able to wear a pink cardigan or pink jumper.”

She beamed: “I’m so happy I did it, and if anyone wants to, good on them.”

In a world of anti-aging serums and grey-covering hair dye, letting your hair go grey is a mark of self-acceptance.

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