My friend changed her baby’s nappy on the cafe table while I was still eating – I was absolutely disgusted

My friend changed her baby’s nappy on the cafe table while I was still eating – I was absolutely disgusted

June 30, 2021

THERE'S no right or wrong time or place when it comes to addressing your baby's needs.

But when changing their soiled nappy in a public place, most parents at least attempt to consider the people around them – or at least that's what we thought.

One mum, it seems, wasn't too fussed about fellow diners at a cafe she was at when she decided to change her young tots nappy on the very table her friends were eating at.

Naturally, a friend of the woman wasn't too pleased when the mum simply swiped the plates to the one side before plonking her baby down on the table in front of her.

The woman explained that the cafe did have parenting facilities, so she couldn't understand why her friend didn't use them.

Wondering if she was the only one who thought it was "gross" she posted on Mumsnet to ask a bunch of other mums.

She explained: "Just been for coffee with a friend of mine and a couple of local mums I'd not met before.

"We were in a cafe with baby change facilities and yet after we'd finished our food, she moved the plates to one side, plonked the baby on a blanket and changed her nappy on the table….while we were still drinking our coffee!"

She stressed that it would have been fine if there was no other option, and if there were no facilities available to parents.

But since there was, the woman thought her friend should have used them instead of ruining everyone's breakfast.

"I mentioned it to my friend on the way back and she said she'd done it before too because it was easier, "she continued.

"She thought it was hilarious that I was so grossed out by it."

Other parents agreed with one even saying it's "lazy parenting" and that what she did was certainly not ok.

"It’s gross. Like letting your child do a poo in the potty beside the table rather then take them to the toilet. Lazy parenting," one fumed.

While a second admitted: "I've changed a nappy on a table in a softplay centre (when I had a toddler and baby) but personally wouldn't do it in a proper café."

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