My friend and I are different sizes – we tried the same bikinis and both looked ‘amazing’ | The Sun

My friend and I are different sizes – we tried the same bikinis and both looked ‘amazing’ | The Sun

March 6, 2023

PLUS-SIZE, midsize, small size, anyone can pull off a bikini, and two friends have proved it beyond doubt.

One buddy was a midsize and the other a slim size, and they both wore the same two-piece and totally slayed it.

Caseysparks_x (@caseysparks_) is a curvy/midsize model, who promotes body positivity on her platform.

Her 37,000 followers have lapped up her messages of self-affirmation and body love.

In a recent post, she and a friend modeled a number of bikinis from Moda Minx.

Both women were comfortable in their own skins and it showed as they beamed brightly in the post.

"Bikini haul. Model size. Beautiful," Casey described the video, before adding: "Curvy fashion, curvy style, bikini girl."

First up was a royal blue bikini, worn with a matching frilled sarong, one short, and the other a longer version.

This was followed by a bright green number, with a matching beach top, and then finally, the same style but this time in a luscious red color.

Comments to her post were unanimous. Both women looked great.

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“Hey, you both look amazing," confirmed this fan.

“Both stunning," said another.

Finally, another follower wanted a bit more: “Both gorgeous. But still should have had the 12/14 girl show her belly as well.”

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