My date refuses to see me again because of what I did with our dinner bill – was I wrong?

My date refuses to see me again because of what I did with our dinner bill – was I wrong?

March 24, 2022

FIRST dates can get real awkward real fast when the waiter drops off the check.

Some people believe men should always pick up the tab on the first date, while others think it's fair to split it.

One man's decision to split the bill has apparently cost him a second date.

The man posted on a dating advice Reddit thread and wrote that he went out with a girl and when the waiter asked if they would like to split the bill, he replied yes.

According to the man, that's where things went wrong for his date.

He wrote: "When I got home, she texted me that she had a good time but she no longer wanted to see me because I am not a gentleman and did not pay for her."

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The man then explained to the date that he would be broke if he paid for all of his first dates.

He added: "Online dating is trial and error, why would I start spending money on you when I may never even see you again?"

The subject sparked quite the debate in the comment section.

Several people believed it was his date's right to want the man to foot the bill on the first date.

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"This is her boundary and expectation for someone she dates. You don’t meet those expectations. Cut your losses and move on," someone wrote.

Another added: "You’re both allowed to have boundaries and she’s allowed to not want to date or see you again. You guys just weren’t compatible. Move on."

Someone else backed up the man's date and wrote: "That’s her right to want a more traditional dating style. Find someone that better fits your financial situation and keep it pushing."

On the other hand, plenty of others believe having the man pay for the first date is outdated.

"It's 2022, I think it's high time we put these outdated and sexist gender roles behind us. You cannot expect someone to pay for your meal when you are independent and financially secure, it has nothing to do with being a 'gentleman,'” one comment read.

Another quipped: "Times have changed dramatically now. The expectation of a man to post on a first date is archaic and does not symbolize equality at all."

One bold commenter wrote: "If a girl doesn’t offer to split the check I never set up a second date. That whole guy needs to pay thing was in place before women were allowed to work. Now, women make more than men in a lot of cases."

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Meanwhile, one woman made an argument on why women should never have to pay for first dates, and it's all because of the patriarchy.

Another woman's date lied about his Hinge bio then had the audacity to charge her $250 for their dinner.

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