My date got annoyed at me for not wearing heels to mini golf – and that’s not even the worst of it | The Sun

My date got annoyed at me for not wearing heels to mini golf – and that’s not even the worst of it | The Sun

July 25, 2022

WE’VE likely all had bad dates at some point, and sometimes these are just completely bizarre.

TikToker Casey has posted a video talking about the strange first date she went on recently – and safe to say there’s not been a second.

Captioning her video, “He also got mad at me for not wearing heels… to mini golf…” Casey tells viewers a number of the strange things her date did.

Explaining that she had never met the man before but that they’d been talking for a few weeks, Casey says she suggested going to play mini golf, as this is much more fun that going to dinner.

Things started going downhill pretty much on arrival, with Casey saying: “This man, all he talks about is financial freedom and how he’s so glad he can do whatever he wants because he figured out his finances and he has a good job and he can afford his own house and car.”

But then, when he got to the cashier to pay for the golfing, he immediately began complaining about the price – which was $14 for two.

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But when Casey offered to pay for herself, her date was insistent that he would pay, even though he continued to complain about the price.

Continuing her story, Casey says: “So then the cashier is explaining that there’s two different courses, a winter and a summer, and then the cashier asks which we want to do.

“Then my date looks at me and asks ‘yeah, which do you want to do?’  I say we should do summer, that sounds fun.

“And then my date looks at me, and looks at the cashier and he goes ‘we’ll do winter’.”

Casey says she wasn’t really that bothered about which course they did, but that she didn’t understand why he asked her if he was just going to ignore her. 

Then once they’d made their way to the course, one of the first things he asked her was if she’d seen Star Wars – to which Casey responded that no, she hasn’t seen any of the Star Wars films.

Which he then was shocked at, asking her why they were even on the date then, and going on a rant for half an hour about her not having seen these films and calling her uncultured.

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Then when Casey was winning the game he accused her of practising before he got there – which considering she wanted to do the other course anyway, was a bizarre accusation.

Ending the date, he told her he was looking forward to seeing her again, although given her video it seems unlikely that Casey will be going on a second date with this man.

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