My darling boyfriend was murdered by a teenage thug – six days before I gave birth to our baby girl

My darling boyfriend was murdered by a teenage thug – six days before I gave birth to our baby girl

December 8, 2018

But their joy was devastatingly short-lived – because on August 1, 2014, Michaelee was stabbed by drunk Connor Doughton, 16, who he had escorted home from the pub to stop him getting into trouble.

It was just six days before his daughter Lola-Grace was born and he was in a coma when she arrived.

Good Samaritan Michaelee, from Blackwood, South Wales, died a month after the attack, aged just 29,

Natalie, also mum to nine-year-old twins Logan and Riley, must have wondered if she would find love again.

But now she has revealed she is a mum again – to another little girl. Hilariously Rayah Bumby, with her partner Dean Bumby, was born in the car park of local hospital Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr, when five days overdue in the summer.

"There were no signs all day and then out of nowhere, from start to finish, it was 50 minutes," her 32-year-old mum told Wales Online.

Natalie told, after suffering so much tragedy, it was nice to have "a happy moment".

"It was nice to have a stress-free [experience], knowing there’s going to be someone there to go home to and help," she said.

But she added her older boys missed their dad.

And she confessed that she felt guilty for moving on with Dean – who she met in 2016, explaining: "You don’t want to upset anybody by moving on. That’s the way you’re made to feel. But you have to get on with things and move on."

Previously Natalie told The Sun: "Michaelee had seen Connor being abusive outside the pub so walked him home.

“But when he got there, Doughton ran inside to get a knife and stabbed him in the liver. Michaelee needed to have a transplant.

“Four weeks later, I gave birth to Lola-Grace and Michaelee seemed to open his eyes when I showed him a photo of her.

"But an hour later, he suffered a series of bleeds and had a stroke.

“I took Lola-Grace to the hospital and placed her in Michaelee’s arms as he lay unconscious in bed. I put her hand in his.

“It was the most heartbreaking thing I have ever seen.

“His life support machine was turned off when Lola-Grace was just five days old.”


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