My car was stolen but the police found it and returned it – the thief left something surprising inside | The Sun

My car was stolen but the police found it and returned it – the thief left something surprising inside | The Sun

September 22, 2022

AN Austin man recently had his car stolen – and was lucky enough to get it back after the police recovered it.

But Max (@anxietytypebeat) didn't get his car back in the same condition and was stunned by what he found inside.

Looking through his returned car, Max found a treasure trove of expensive items that weren't inside when the car went missing.

In a viral TikTok video, he says he found "a bunch of stolen s*** that the car stealer left in the car."

One of the priciest items was a Bird Flex Electric Scooter, $599.

"Don't know why an e-scooter would be necessary if they chose to stole my car, but go off," he remarked.

There were even more valuable items as he kept digging.

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He also found two 1.7 oz. bottles of Dolce & Gabbana The One fragrance, $98, one 3 oz. bottle of Versace Yellow Diamond, $105, and one 1.7 oz. bottle of Calvin Klein Euphoria, $79.

Also in the beauty and wellness category was a TheraFace PRO percussive therapy gun, $399.

For men, he found a Braun Series 7 electric shaver, $170.

There were plenty of other electronics, including a pair of Tasco binoculars, $54, a Cobra dash cam, $179, a Cobra RAD 480i radar and laser detector, $150, a Seagate FireCuda Gaming Hub, $260, and a WD My Book, $299.

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But then things started to get weird as Max unsheathed a Camillus Carnivore X machete, $40, and another smaller but equally violent-looking knife.

"This is for, like, gutting humans," he guessed.

Next up, he held up another weapon and said the thief was "really keeping the human trafficking vibes going strong with the gold butterfly knife with skulls on it.

"I don't like that," he added.

Among the largest items was an Echo chainsaw. Though it's unclear which model he had, chainsaws from the brand sell for $200 to $1,050.

Finally, there was a Kodi by H-E-B cooler, $203, which Max said he is "forced to assume was used to hold human organs."

All in all, there was over $3,000 worth of products stashed away in his vehicles.

Commenters were stunned by the incredible story, with one writing: "Love to see u reaping some benefits."

"Nah, I’m leaving my door open if I get all this," joked another, while a third wrote: "Bro had his car stolen by Santa."

"At no point did I know where this haul was going," admitted one more.

But Max clarified that it wasn't actually a happy ending, even if it made for a great TikTok video.

He said that his car was returned in terrible shape – and he did notify the police that the items inside were not his.

"Car has $10k in damages and is no longer in my possession, and the stuff is with the car getting investigated," he said.

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