My boyfriend dumped me because I was ‘too fat’ to go on a zip line… he’d never even mentioned trying one before

My boyfriend dumped me because I was ‘too fat’ to go on a zip line… he’d never even mentioned trying one before

February 1, 2022

A WOMAN was blindsided when her boyfriend dumped her for being too fat to go on a zip line – despite having never mentioned wanting to do one before.

Faith Alice took to TikTok to share a video of herself mouthing along to the much-used clip, "What an odd thing to say, what a peculiar thing to say."

The video featured the words, "When someone I used to date said it wasn’t going to work cos I’m too fat to go on a zip line."

"He had never mentioned wanting to go on a zip line ever in the months we were dating," she added.

She'd captioned the video with the hashtags #fatphobiaisreal and #datingstorytime.

People were quick to comment on the clip, with one writing: "Ill throw him down a f**king zip line."

"As if I needed any further evidence that men are insane," another person commented.

"Why do men create such imaginary scenarios then confuse it with real life. Must be why they like sci fi so much," someone else wrote.

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"OMG the ick of it! Imagine his ankles swinging and socks showing as he zips down," another person remarked, with another agreeing: "i’m getting the ick thinking about a man on a zip line."

"Why was that his number one priority 'but the zip line'" someone asked, to which Faith replied: "Mate, I wish I knew."

Faith then returned to the comments section to insist the situation occurred around "two years ago".

"So I’m very much over the comment and also I’m in a very happy relationship now," she added.

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