My baby bump was so tiny at 32 weeks people refused to believe I was pregnant

My baby bump was so tiny at 32 weeks people refused to believe I was pregnant

February 10, 2022

THERE are a number of symptoms of pregnancy – from morning sickness to the very obvious baby bump.

However, one mum revealed that her belly was so small that people would often question her and assume she was faking it.

Alyssa Fluellen, from California, is now a TikTok-famous mum-of-three.

But before her last child, Emmett, was born, Alyssa went viral after sharing a video of her unusually small bump.

At 32 weeks, when most carry a clearly visible belly, Alyssa's was so tiny, many refused to believe she was in her last trimester of pregnancy.


''Isn’t it crazy how different everyone can carry their babies,'' she told the viewers whilst showing off her fit figure that appeared to have barely changed.

Alyssa, who regularly uploads pranks and shares the family life on YouTube, delivered the baby in February last year and said the couple was extremely happy when they found out they had their first boy.

''Best labor experience I’ve had,'' she captioned the birth video on TikTok,adding that it was ''super smooth'' and ''so fast that I was kind of able to handle it''.

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''Emmett Grey Fluellen, you are so loved,'' said the mum-of-three showing footage of her two daughters giving a hug to their baby brother.

Viewers were left in tears after the emotional clip, with one writing: ''I cried watching this as if it was my old child. Congratulations y’all.''

''Oh my gosh.. thanks for sharing this. I am crying on your tik tok video,'' a second commented.

''It is so beautiful!!! I have a grand daughter that will be here Monday.''

Another fan of the Fluellen family wrote: ''oh so you just made the prettiest children on earth. got it.

''I was in the fence about kids until now. that's gonna be a ✨no contest✨.''

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