Mums share top parenting hacks they swear by – including painless plaster removal & easy nappy changes | The Sun

Mums share top parenting hacks they swear by – including painless plaster removal & easy nappy changes | The Sun

August 5, 2022

IT'S the most rewarding job in the world – but let's not beat around the bush here, being a mum is also incredibly hard work.

And while social media is a great way of connecting with our nearest and dearest, it also has a tendency to make us feel like the worst parent in the world.

Because let's be honest, we're NEVER going to be the mum who creates the world's best homemade Halloween costume or assembles the perfect Instagram-worthy lunchbox everyday.

But on the flip side, savvy mums on TikTok have thrown stressed out parents everywhere a lifeline with the everyday hacks they couldn't live without.

And trust us, they're bound to change EVERYTHING.

How to painlessly remove a plaster

TikTok mum-of-two, Z’Anni G., has posted many videos and hacks to help parents.

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But the one that's attracted the most attention is her plaster trick – it's so simple you have to try it.

“Want to take off your babies plasters off without tears and residue? I gotcha!''

“The secret ingredient – petroleum jelly and Q-tips."

If you've run out of Vaseline, the savvy mum claimed oil works just fine as well.

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To ensure your baby is tear-free, first, apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly before letting it sit for 1-2 minutes.

Once the time's up, Z'Anni said the plaster is safe to be peeled off – but make sure it's done gently.

Not only will there be no tears and sticky residue, your baby will also be left with extra smooth skin from the jelly.

How stop your baby peeing on you

First time mum Chloe Durns, who gave birth to son Roman in September, came up with the hack, and took to TikTok to share the clever tip.



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bang tidy

How do you clean stainless steal and avoid streaks?

"I always wipe Roman’s belly before I change him, so he doesn’t wee once the nappy opens," Chloe wrote alongside a video of her softly using a wipe on her son's stomach.

While Roman could be seen scrunching up his nose slightly at the coldness of the wipe, Chloe's technique meant he got used to the change in temperature before the nappy change proceeded – and therefore didn't start to pee as soon as he felt the cold air.

Parents were quick to praise Chloe, 19, for her clever tip, with mum Jade commenting: "So five kids later, peed on more times than I could count and I just come across this now?"

"Thank you thank you thank you," another grateful, dry, mum wrote.

"How am I only just learning this s**t?" someone else commented.

How to stop baby wipes coming out at once

One mum has shared a clever hack to ensure just one wipe comes out of the pack at a time – and all you need is an old hairband.

TikTok user Amber – a mum of two daughters from Ontario, Canada, posted the ingenious trick, which involves placing a band at one end of the pack of wipes.

Then, when opening the centre of the pack and pulling, the band prevents more than a single wipe coming out each time.

"I love this parenting hack!" Amber wrote, with her video quickly attracting thousands of comments from grateful mums.

"You are a GODSEND," one wrote, while another added: "OMG! This is the best hack I've ever seen!"

How to speed up potty training

Gwenna Laithland, whose TikTok account @mommaaccusses has reached 2 million fans, has revealed her tips to help those parents who’ve just embarked on the messy toilet training journey.

“That means no diapers, no pull-ups during the day. Just big kid undies and a lot of mopping up.’’

Another hack which has worked with the Laithland parents is leaving the potties in the living room. “Then they can watch TV while they sit and try,’’ she explains.

The mother of two toddlers is then seen shaking a jar of m&m’s chocolates. “Don’t come for me. It’s working for us!’’ 

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Despite all the efforts, Gwenna admits that, on occasions, accidents do happen.

But to all of us worried about getting furniture ruined, she shows how to use old bed sheets to prevent sofas and chairs from getting drenched with unpleasant liquids.

“We’ve wrapped all of our soft furniture in old crib sheets just to preserve the upholstery a little bit. It’s not foolproof and the cushions might still get wet. But it helps!’’

How to settle your baby in MINUTES

Emma Collett, from Utah, shared her fantastic trick on her instagram page, brighterdayssleep.

In the video it says: "How to resettle your baby when they wake from a short nap."

Emma says babies simply need help learning how to bridge their own sleep cycles.

She then demonstrates how you can teach babies to bridge their sleep cycles.

First, Emma says to roll the baby onto their side and to say shush loudly.

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She also recommends patting their chest and back in a steady motion until they have fallen asleep.

Once your baby has fallen asleep on their side, gently return the baby to their back, whilst you continuosly shush and pat their chest.

She says to parents not to get discouraged when your baby startles themselves awake again, this is normal as they resettle and try to stay consistent with your soothing.

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