Mums rave about £7 powder that removes stubborn stains and scratches from sinks

Mums rave about £7 powder that removes stubborn stains and scratches from sinks

December 20, 2018

People have taking to Facebook to rave about Bar Keepers Friend, a powder that claims to both cleanse and polish surfaces.

The delighted mums have been uploading before and after images using the cleaner – and the results are astounding.

And the best part about the product is that it won’t break the bank, currently priced at £7.77 on Amazon.

The listing has numerous five-star reviews.

One user wrote: “Wish I could give this 6 stars I am so pleased with it.”

  • Bar Keepers Friend, £7.77 from Amazon – buy now

Another added: “I was desperate to try anything that would get my pots looking good as new again.

"The black stains on inside and out were difficult to remove until I got wind of this product. It definitely works.”

Meanwhile one commented: “My most loved cleaning product. Got stains out of my quartz worktop without compromising the shine.”

Other before and after pictures show an oven surface that has been buffed to look like brand new, and a sink that is now gleaming after the Bar Keepers Friend treatment.

The woman who has the oven top wrote: “So this is my first time using Bar Keepers Friend.

“I've been wanting to get it for a while and yesterday I finally remembered! It's absolutely brilliant!”

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