Mums mock Boohoo’s £7.50 thong bodysuit saying it takes ‘front wedgie to another level’

Mums mock Boohoo’s £7.50 thong bodysuit saying it takes ‘front wedgie to another level’

February 4, 2019

But while we never truly got over our parents banning us from leaving the house in leggings no thicker than a pair of tights, budget-friendly brand Boohoo is being mocked by mums for its VERY skimpy range of thong bodysuits.

Taking to Mumsnet to express their concern – and simply poke fun at the outrageous design – one parent described how the bonkers bodysuit had "popped up as an ad on Facebook."

Attaching an image of the skimpy £7.50 design, the mum continued: "I understand the bodysuit trend but surely this would result in being split entirely in two… or the worlds worst front wedgie."

And judging by the picture of the sky-high split – reminiscent of a certain pair of Beginning Boutique bikini bottoms which hit headlines last month – we have to agree.

Available in a range of shades, Boohoo's Basic V-Neck Ruched Front Thong bodysuit has a generous among of material around the long sleeves before resulting in what one mum described as "taking front wedgie to another level."

Unsurprisingly, other mums have mercilessly mocked the extremely skimpy design.

Labelling it "vulval floss" (yuck), one user replied: "Boohoo indeed! Eyes watering just looking at that crime against humanity."

Meanwhile, another asked: "A front thong? Dear God. How uncomfortable."

Expressing sympathy for those who dare to wear the design, one parent replied: "That just screams thrush!"

And while some accused the brand of "photoshopping" the model's crotch, others commented: "Wow she's obviously got a very good waxing regime."

In more bonkers fashion news, this mum has parodied a sexy bikini advert to show how ridiculously skimpy the pants are.

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