Mum-to-be ‘has sex’ with balloons and says the thrill comes from knowing they can ‘pop at any time’

Mum-to-be ‘has sex’ with balloons and says the thrill comes from knowing they can ‘pop at any time’

December 13, 2018

Mum-to-be Maggy BerLoon, which is not her real surname, started experimenting with inflatables more than a decade ago after meeting now-husband Jan, and describes it as “a hell lot of bouncy fun”.

The 31-year-old explained the range of ways the pleasure seekers, known as “looners”, enjoyed the balloons – including using them as sex toys and making love on top of them.

The balloons they use range in size from normal birthday party ones to giant ones that people can sit on top of.

Maggy, from Solingen, Germany, said the thrill comes from knowing the balloon could pop at any moment, and wants people to embrace the lesser known desire.

She has opened up about the world of balloon fetishes in the hopes of educating strangers and empowering other looners.

Maggy, owner of retailer Balloons United, said: “Balloons get people aroused but how [they do this] can be entirely diverse.

“I think for all looners, everything is about the material, the shape, the look, the feel, the colour, the flexibility and the high tension that such a fragile object can take.

“Most looners get aroused by actually playing with balloons… sitting on them or rubbing them, and having sex on them, alone or with one or more persons.

“Others just love to watch other people playing with them in a teasing, sexy way.

“The power to tease and push boundaries are essential aspects.


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“You can be gentle or rough and play with the limits of the balloon as well as with your partner.

“You may think you are in full control, but that’s not true. Balloons might burst anytime, unwanted or provoked.

“This characteristic can add a lot of excitement and thrill to the interaction, even if you're not a balloon fetishist.

“Everyone should own the right to discover themselves, as well as their desires without being afraid or feeling ashamed.

“It's all about enjoying your life to its fullest, whatever this means individually – of course, if its legal and doesn’t harm anybody.

“To summarise it shortly, it's a hell of a lot of bouncy fun.”

Maggy explained that when talking openly to others about the fetish, people will often laugh or struggle to take her seriously.

Maggy said: “Most people are just naturally surprised and have tons of questions, since they never heard of it before or never had the chance to talk with someone about it.

“Sometimes they really seem interested at first, but they start giggling, make silly jokes or start comparing it with other unique preferences."

She continued: “I guess this often just comes out of insecurity or maybe they themselves struggle with their own sexuality, needs, and sexual fantasies in some way.

You may think you are in full control, but that’s not true. Balloons might burst anytime, unwanted or provoked.

“Connecting this item with a fetish, obviously lead to funny thoughts, which I totally understand. So why not embrace this completely?

“I think people often take things too personally and are so deadly serious about several topics.”

Maggy said there was a broad spectrum with the world of looners with each person using the balloons differently to the next.

She added: “Some of them are attracted by bursting them in several ways or just by observing others doing so – they call themselves ‘Poppers’.

“Others hate the burst or even have a phobia, and they try to avoid destroying a balloon at any cause, those are the ‘Non-Poppers’.

"‘Semi-Poppers’ find themselves somehow in between of those groups.

“Some of them just pop balloons from time to time. Maybe they also feel aroused by it?

"Others don’t care about the burst at all. It’s just a little bummer when the sex toy suddenly is gone.”

Maggy added: “It felt like the balloon fetish was stuck in a weird and hidden closet.

“Like the image of looners having of themselves being strange, sick or weird took over to reality. But from my point of view this never was or is the truth.

“This is what inspired me to come out of my closet and to share some pictures, which my husband and I produced together.”

Maggy hopes the fetish will no longer be a taboo one day as she feels it will allow others greater happiness.

She added: “Honestly, we’re talking about ordinary people with a unique preference.

“I think it's so sad if fear has such a significant impact towards our actions that we prefer to hide and ultimately get in the way of our own individual happiness.

“So, generally, we are better saying goodbye to judgemental behaviour, training ourselves in self-acceptance and meeting each other with tolerance and respect.”

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