Mum shares genius way she dries her washing without a tumble dryer & she doesn’t have annoying racks inside either | The Sun

Mum shares genius way she dries her washing without a tumble dryer & she doesn’t have annoying racks inside either | The Sun

January 16, 2023

GETTING your clothes to dry properly now it’s colder can be a mission.

However, one savvy mum showed how she dries her washing without a tumble dryer or annoying racks inside the house.

Taking to Facebook, she showed how she puts her washing outside in a plastic greenhouse.

She explained: “Thought I would share my clothes drying hack.

“Not for everyone but works for us. A £46 plastic greenhouse.  

“We don't have room for large airers indoors and also not ideal to have wet washing around due to having asthmatic children.


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“We only have storage heaters so can't dry clothes on them either, come the spring I will use the greenhouse for its proper purpose and grow plants with my children.”

Her post has racked up over 4,000 likes, and people seemed to be impressed.

One wrote: “This is a fantastic idea! I don't have a garden, but I do have an enclosed balcony that I dry washing on, usually with the aid of a dehumidifier.

“If I get a smaller greenhouse I can pop it over the airer and dehumidifier and it should dry quicker too, saving more on the cost of the dehumidifier. 

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“I'm super happy you posted as its not something I'd have thought of.”

Another added: “If it works for you this is a fab idea!”

And a third commented: “I dry mine in a gazebo every year.”

If you don't have a garden to hang your washing in, then one woman has come up with a way to dry your clothes inside quickly.

Alix Bryne, 24, from Glasgow shared the hack on Facebook, and claims it takes less than two hours to dry even without a tumble dryer.

When putting out her bedding to dry one day, she covered the clothes horse with the bedsheet and placed it near the radiator.

Alix was stunned to realise the sheet had created a pocket of hot air, drying the clothes underneath within just two hours.

Alix said she hadn't had any issues with damp because of the hack but urged those who want to try it and are concerned to open a window.

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