Mum shares clever ‘six category’ house hack which has turned her home into a ‘chaos free’ zone

Mum shares clever ‘six category’ house hack which has turned her home into a ‘chaos free’ zone

December 11, 2020

EVERY parent knows clutter and paperwork can build up if you don't keep on top of it, and it can feel overwhelming trying to sort through everything.

So one mum shared the simple way she banished ‘chaos’ and restored ‘serenity’ in her house – and it’s all due to her six category system. 

In a bid to keep her household in order, she set up six tubs and labelled them to sort, file, recycle, read, act on and shred. 

The mum joked she was in the third ‘phase’ of organising her house, as she shared her hack to Facebook.

She wrote: “I am in the third phase of Operation Serenity which is Maintain Serenity in the Chaos Free Zones, so I don’t want her to leave no matter what!!!!!  

“Day 18 of Maintain Serenity. A success!!!! Day 18 of Maintaining Serenity.   

“So I go to bed making sure the rooms are where they started in the morning.   

“It does not take long. Several habits are being maintained. And for me that is a freakin miracle!!!   

“The paperwork is being sorted simultaneously with the living room. It was just too much on my brain to do it solo with nothing else.  

Mum’s six categories

  • To sort
  • To file
  • To recycle 
  • To read 
  • To act on
  • To shred

“Living room will probably take until Saturday then last room is kitchen!”

Explaining clearly how her tub system works, she shared a few tips for anyone tackling mounds of paperwork. 

She added: “And the battle continues with Paper Chaos. Have labeled stackable bins to sort into. Set timer for 30 minute intervals.  

“Handle the piece of paper only once. Look at it for 3 seconds and make decision. Set a short term goal and a long turn goal. 

“Stack the bins up at end of day. Don’t go to bed with Chaos   

“Leave filing and reading for the next stage. Have a read bin by bed to begin reading some stuff.

“Realize it will happen! Paper Serenity!” 

Her handy tips have racked up hundreds of likes, as people praised her mammoth organising spree. 

One person said: “Looks really organized and super clean! I really love those boxes. It would be really easy for you to get and arrange things.”

Another wrote: “I also LOVE that you are associating this to maintaining serenity in your home.”

While a third raved: “Wow.. so fabulous! I look so forward to me finally getting this completed in my house! You’re an inspiration that it can be done! Thank you for sharing.”

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