Mum shares astonishing results after she strips the dirt out of clothes in the bathtub

Mum shares astonishing results after she strips the dirt out of clothes in the bathtub

January 11, 2020

A MUM has shared a game-changing hack for “stripping dirt” out of your clothes in the bath.

Carlie Helmer, from Ohio, shared before and after photos of the water in her tub – and internet users have been left impressed with how much grime she removed. 

The mum-of-two explained that her handy tip helps to remove dirt and sweat that builds up in her family’s clothes. 

All you need to achieve the results is baking soda, power detergent and vinegar. 

Carlie said that firstly you need to run a bath full of hot water, and then add the products. 

Writing on Facebook, she advised: “I don't measure anything, just dump until I feel it's good.

“Also, I've been using just the laundry booster alone and it's worked amazing."

Then you need to add the clothing and bedding and make sure it is all fully soaked through. 

Carlie said she even tosses in her family’s hat to make sure they get a deep clean. 

Next, you need leave the items fully submerged for three hours, which Carlie advised often results in the water turning a stomach-churning brown shade. 

She added: “Once done, ring all your items out and throw in the wash on a rinse only cycle. (mine is rinse & spin) then throw in the dryer as usual.

"[It's] super easy, and the results will make you wanna strip everything in your house."

The Facebook post has racked up around 50,000 shares, with many people keen to give it a go. 

One wrote: “I am doing this today.”

Another added: “It really works! We soaked my dad’s work clothes and this was our result after 3 hours."

Meanwhile, one person raved: “Or the easier way, put a drop of white vinegar bicarb in every wash then not only you have amazing whites colours are bright, you're cleaning your machine every time. So smelly machine, leave door open."

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