Mum reveals the items every organised home MUST have including baskets as she shares her top tidying up tips

Mum reveals the items every organised home MUST have including baskets as she shares her top tidying up tips

February 24, 2021

AN organised mum-of two has revealed the top items every home must have if you want it to be in tip top shape.

Corinne Maxwell, 33, from Queensland, Australia has an Instagram page dedicated to her immaculate home and has now shared her top tidying tips.

The mum put some "systems in place" when she returned to work after maternity leave in a bid to help maintain a clean home while spending time with the family.

Every room in her stunning pad is now decked put with storage tubs, labels and colour-matched everything – which helps maintain order while looking spotless.

Corinne admits she "loves tubs with labels" as it makes everything"look clean and tidy".

The organised mum will use a tub for everything including towels, bed sheets, arts and crafts and all of the kids toys.

Baskets are used for the same reason with the mum's linen cupboard looking immaculate thanks to her streamlined tub and basket display.

Speaking to Femail, Corrine advised using what you already have to help save some money, but suggests checking out your local bargain store too.

"See what you can re-purpose instead of just getting rid of it," she said. "For example, a laundry hamper could store soft toys, a photo storage container could be used to store cables and cords or old coffee jars could hold craft supplies."

Storage tubs are nothing without labels, though, and an organised home isn't complete without them.

You can purchase some online or make them yourself for cheap, but whichever you choose, Corinne said they should be your best friend.

Stackable single drawers work a treat, too, and Corinne said she finds these "so handy" and can be used for "everything from storing sponges to kids' craft items".

"Being time poor, if you put a system in place, it saves you time and money in the long run. Maintenance is the easy part," Corinne told the publication.

And to help keep things running to schedule, the busy mum swears by her washing machine timer.

She said it's an absolute "game changer" in any home as a washing machine with a timing function will allow you to set the machine at night so that the load it ready to put out before you leave the house the next morning.

Storage systems aside, though, the stunning home wouldn't look the way it does without a few handy styling secrets.

Corinne said the "single best thing I would advise" is to "use feather inserts inside cushion covers" – this will allow for a plump, luxe look, then give it the "karate chop".

She also said to size up on duvets and covers – so if you have a king bed, upsize to a super king duvet.

Not only does the overhang look so much better, but it's sure to keep you extra warm, too.

The mum-of-two chose a neutral palette in her home, mostly because it allows her to "freshen up the space" when she wants to.

This means you can just change up the throws and cushions, rather than forking out on expensive pieces – and your home will always look polished.

For the ultimate luxe look, Corinne says to shop around – but paying for big ticket items is essential.

"I have a tight budget, so while I'll pay extra for big ticket items and good quality bedding, I'll always save money on storage items," she said. 

While she admits organising your home can be a long process, she says to "start small" and work your way through each room.

De-cluttering your junk draw is a good place to start, which often takes ten minutes to sort.

Keep thing in tubs, baskets and drawers so they're out of sight, and it will make it much easier to maintain.

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