Mum-of-nine reveals her homeschooled kids have never tried Coke, don't own a TV and have no idea who Spider-Man is

Mum-of-nine reveals her homeschooled kids have never tried Coke, don't own a TV and have no idea who Spider-Man is

February 10, 2021

A MUM has revealed how she is raising her nine children in line with her very strict religious beliefs.

The Plath children have never had a soda, don’t know who Spider-Man is and have never watched TV, living remotely in rural Georgia with their “follow their own rules” parents Kim and Barry Plath.

The unconventional family values are showcased in the TLC series Welcome to Plathville.

The kids rage in age from 6-21 and the majority live on a 55 acre farm in a rural part of South Georgia.

The eldest son Ethan, 21, has recently moved out with his new bride Olivia just ten minutes away, and eldest daughter Hosana, 20, moved to Ohio with her husband.

The parents are determined to raise their brood without any modern day distractions.

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Barry says: “We’ve structured our lifestyle here so we can retreat to our piece of heaven on earth.

“We have limited technology, we have limited computers, they don’t play video games.

“We’ve never had any carbonated sodas around. They know what a Coke is, but they don’t know what a Coke is. Can you believe that? That is so off the wall!

“They have time to be children.”

Lack of exposure to popular culture means that 15-year-old Lydia has no idea who, or what Spider-Man is and football fan Isaac, 13, had never heard of quarterback Tom Brady.

All of Kim and Barry’s children are homeschooled, and they have a strong opinion when it comes to conventional ways of learning.

“Hosana was offered a scholarship by a college to do music,” Kim explains.

“But what does she need college for? She’s learning more by doing right now than she ever would sitting behind a desk in a college learning head knowledge.”

And the children’s sheltered existence has presented them with surprise when they have finally entered the real world.

“My first job was as a mechanic”, Ethan explains, “I had never heard a single cuss word in my life, and these guys were like bleep bleep bleep, I was just like ‘mommy!’”

Moving out of the family home has allowed 21-year-old Ethan to expand his horizons with the help of his new wife Olivia, also 21.

At the age of 20, Ethan finally tried his first Coke, and has recently began binge watching Friends with Olivia.

“When Ethan and I first got married I really noticed the differences between us growing up,” Olivia says.

“I would make a movie reference or start singing a song and he would say ‘I have no clue what that is from.’

“I took him to his first basketball game, I took him to his first time at the movies, since we got married it’s been a long process of introducing him to all these different things.”

But not everyone is thrilled about the new experiences, with both Kim and Barry less than happy about Olivia leading Ethan astray.

Olivia explains that having alcohol in their home has been a “big source of tension.”

She adds: “We would want to go out for ice cream, and that would create conflict because they would be like ‘you shouldn’t be eating sugar.’”

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