Mum-of-four shares her clever ‘tub’ system to keep her house spotless and claims she NEVER has to do the ironing

Mum-of-four shares her clever ‘tub’ system to keep her house spotless and claims she NEVER has to do the ironing

December 8, 2020

RUNNING a busy household is a lot of work, and often takes an extreme amount of organisational skills and patience.

But a busy mum-of-four claims she's found the most effective way to keep her house spotless while getting the kids involved – and it also means she NEVER has to iron a thing.

While the clever technique is used mostly to ensure laundry is washed and put away with ease, her system also works for other tasks too.

She shared her method online and explained that she has a different colour washing basket, or tubs, for each member of the family – with the woman and her husband sharing one.

She said: "As clothes get taken off the line (by whoever is rostered that week), they get folded how they get put on the shelf so there is no refolding in bedrooms."

So not only does this mean the chores get shared around equally, but it cuts down on time spent on mundane household tasks.

She continued by saying the family have a "5pm rule" which ensures the baskets are completely empty by that time with each of the kids putting the clothes away.

"'I don't wash daily but there's always something to put in someone's tub," she said, and also revealed, "before you ask, I don't iron a thing."

On days where there's no laundry, the mum revealed the tubs still come in handy.

She said she often walks around the house and if she discovers things "laying around" those items get put into the allocated tubs depending on who it belongs to.

What's more, she also said the kids themselves sometimes do "a walk around" and carry their tub from room to room picking up their stuff as they go.

While her kids are now teenagers – aged between 12 and 16 – she said she'd been "doing this for years" and that it "works a treat."

To further cut down on household chores, she even said she NEVER buys  clothes that require ironing.

And added: "'I shake things down before they go on the line and hang everything upside down. I have become an expert."

Other mums were seriously impressed by the idea with some even showing off their own "basket" technique.

Dubbing the system as "fabulous," one mum shared how she also uses a similar method in her own household.

She said: "The hubby and I share and the three kids have their own. The rule is once they need something from their clean clothes basket, the basket needs to be put away (normally 2-3 days)."

Meanwhile, another woman shared her method after revealing she wanted a easy, quick and cheap solution the household could manage. 

"The tubs have a plastic sleeve on the front for the labels to sit in. I wanted ones with lids so the clothes didn't get dusty and full of dog hair," she said

And added: "We hate folding clothes and often have a mountain of washing so this solution works well. We can just chuck the clothes into the correct basket quickly without any thought or effort."

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