Mum-of-22 Sue Radford makes a controversial parenting move while celebrating Phoebe's 7th birthday with the brood | The Sun

Mum-of-22 Sue Radford makes a controversial parenting move while celebrating Phoebe's 7th birthday with the brood | The Sun

July 27, 2023

SUE Radford made a controversial parenting move this week, as she and her family celebrated Phoebe's 7th birthday.

The mum-of-22, who signed off social media at the beginning of the summer holidays, is still updating her and husband Noel's YouTube page.

And in a recent video, she shared footage from Phoebe's big day, as the new seven-year-old opened up her presents, blew out her candles and enjoyed a KFC takeaway.

But it was one aspect of the day in particular that got people talking – her decision to take her kids to see the new Barbie movie.

The film, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, is a 12A in the UK, meaning that children of any age can see it if they do so with an adult.

However, there's much been much debate as to whether or not the movie is actually suitable for younger kids to watch.

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Sue's youngest daughter Heidie is just three years old, but joined her siblings to go and watch the film at the cinema, after grabbing snacks and sweets beforehand.

"We're going to see Barbie aren't we!" Sue said, as she pointed out that they were all wearing pink.

Some people weighed in on the cinema trip in the comments section of the YouTube video, with one writing: "So i heard the movie was pg 13 and not good for kids. Is that true?"

To which another replied: "In the Uk it’s under 12 with an adult, in Australia it’s PG any age, in the USA it’s 13+.

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"So I don’t see any issues whatsoever."

"I think the Barbie movie is maybe for children over 12? Happy birthday phoebe," someone else commented.

Star Margot previously said that director Greta Gerwig had said "from the beginning" that the movie "really is for everyone".

"And the comedy plays on so many different – the whole movie plays on so many different levels," she said.

“I mean, so much of it is so silly, and absurd and ridiculous.

"And I think little kids in particular, and people who care about design, things like that, are just going to be blown away by Barbie Land."

However, many parents discussing the film on social media sites such as Facebook insisted it's entirely inappropriate.

In the Family Lowdown group on the site, one mum asked for advice as to whether she should take her child to see it.

With one person replying: "It’s not advertised as a kids film. It’s advertised for adults. Its 12a for a reason."

"Definitely not a kids movie," another commented.

As a third mused: "I thought it was an amazing movie but I don't think kids under 10 will understand.

"A lot of kids will get bored after about 30 minutes."

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But someone else argued: "My 4 year old sat through the whole thing and absolutely loved it, the ‘adult’ humour obviously went straight over her head but personally don’t even think it was bad.

"She absolutely loves Barbie."

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