Mum gets savaged by trolls for fun crayon hack as people say she’s stunting her kids’ development

Mum gets savaged by trolls for fun crayon hack as people say she’s stunting her kids’ development

October 12, 2021

A MUM shared a creative hack showing what to do if your toddler keeps breaking their crayons – but trolls savaged her, saying she’s destroying her kids’ future skills. 

Mum and influencer Kate Bast shared the hack on Instagram, but the simple crayon hack was met with thousands of furious comments.

The hack itself is simple: when kids break their crayons, Kate advises putting the broken pieces into a silicone ice tray and then popping them in the oven until they’re all melted into cubes.

Then, once they’ve cooled, they can be used as multicoloured crayon blocks.

The mum said she hoped her followers would “enjoy these jumbo crayons”, but she didn’t expect thousands of fuming comments.

Her viewers, however, took great offence to this idea, saying that the hack will stunt the development of her children. 

“This will actually prevent them from developing fine motor skills. Don’t do this”, wrote one annoyed viewer, while another said: “Motor skill development = zero.”

“Doing this is stopping them from developing their fine motor skills”, agreed a third.

Another viewer raged: “No no no. There goes any hope of a functional pincer grasp.”

Others were raging at Kate for mixing together lots of different colours, and said this would also delay her kids’ development.

One commenter fumed: “Ma’am, you just ruined the whole purpose of crayons, they’re meant to get children to recognise colours and get creative with them”

“Congrats – he now cannot differentiate between colours”, said one sarcastic commenter, and another added: ““Why would you mix all the colours you psychopath.”

One even accused her of “stealing” fun from her kids.

The harsh viewer wrote: “Why on earth would you do this? Let them break the crayons? Why steal their fun??” 

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