Mum fills entire bath with hot chocolate and marshmallows for epic Elf On The shelf prank

Mum fills entire bath with hot chocolate and marshmallows for epic Elf On The shelf prank

December 20, 2019

A MUM-of-two hilariously pranked her kids by filling up her entire bath with hot chocolate and marshmallows – and blamed it on the Elf on the Shelf.

Megan Deyoung, 33, was thinking up new ways to trick her kids, seven-year-old daughter, Madeline and four-year-old son, Levi, this Christmas.

After spotting the idea on a Facebook page, Megan, from Australia, spent £5 buying hot chocolate powder and poured it into the tub.

Megan, a community support worker, added the finishing touch by scattering 50 marshmallows on top, and let the elves go sailing.

She said: "It was quite easy to do – it cost me only about £5 in chocolate powder, and all I had to do was dissolve it into boiling water.

"I put about 50 marshmallows on top and really got into the spirit of the cheeky Christmas elves.

"All I had to do then was add my son's toy boat, and it was smooth sailing!

"My daughter woke up at 5am with excitement over what the elves were doing, and then woke me and her four-year-old brother just to tell us what she'd found.

"It's definitely been one of their favourite pranks from their elves but I've enjoyed being creative – last year I filled the shower with balloons much to the kids' shock.”

Despite looking like a huge mess, Megan says it was quite easy to clean – although the elves ended up in the murky depths after the family cat got in on the action.

She added: “Unfortunately though, by morning the elves were found in a rather sticky situation.

"I can't be 100 per cent sure but it looks like our cat had decided to investigate too, and those naughty elves had ended up swimming.

"Surprisingly, it was pretty easy to clean.

"I used a cleaning paste to scrub all the chocolate away and it didn't take me too long.

"Seeing how excited the kids were with the prank, definitely made it all worth it.

"And when I posted the results in the group, I really enjoyed seeing everyone else's reactions – they love it!"

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