Mum claims we should be microwaving our kitchen sponges and shares the disgusting reason why

Mum claims we should be microwaving our kitchen sponges and shares the disgusting reason why

September 10, 2021

HOW often do you put your kitchen sponges in the microwave?

Never? We assumed that would be the case…

A cleaning fanatic has revealed that in fact, we should be putting our kitchen sponges in the microwave every few DAYS.

A woman posted the video to her TikTok under the account ‘mamasknowbest’.

She said: “Did you know that the USDA recommends microwaving your sponge every few days?

“Microwave it for 2 minutes.

“Careful, let it sit for a bit.

“It is extremely hot.

“The USDA found that this kills over 99.9% of bacteria, yeasts and moulds.”

You read that right – bacteria, yeasts and MOULDS!

The woman continued: “This simple treatment can help ensure that contaminated sponges don’t spread foodborne pathogens.

“You should change out your sponge every 2 weeks or so.”

Who knew?!

Clearly this video has got many people talking as it has racked up 186.6k views and 12.6k likes.

There have been over 200 comments and a whopping 2,322 shares.

One person said: “Alright I’m getting up right now out of bed at 2am in the morning to get this off my mind, thank you.”

Another added: “I didn’t know this. Thanks!”


However, many people were commenting that they would rather just buy new sponges.

One person commented: “Or buy new ones.”

Another said: “Or you could just use a new one…”

Many TikTok users were shocked that this is not common knowledge and in fact have been doing this for many years.

One said: “Been doing this for years.”

Another commented: “Every day…makes me feel like I do good for my family.”

One user was skeptical about this method and said: “It actually doesn’t work. You need to soak it in cleaning vinegar for a couple hours” to which the woman responded: “Scientists actually tested out this method, which proved it killed 99.9% of bacteria.”

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