Mrs Hinch reveals obsession with Primark’s £1 thongs as she admits she won't wear any others

Mrs Hinch reveals obsession with Primark’s £1 thongs as she admits she won't wear any others

June 30, 2020

MRS Hinch has revealed she's a huge fan of Primark's £1 thongs and won't wear any other brands – as she admitted she's 'not a G-string girl' either.

The mum-of-one got into an in-depth debate about pants with her followers, after trying out a pair of shaping underwear she bought off eBay – vowing ‘never again’. 

The 30-year-old, from Essex, shared her favourite knickers with her 3.5 million fans on Instagram, adding she felt as if she was ‘chatting with her mates’. 

She raved: “I do own a few thongs! BUT the only ones I can stand to wear are the Primark ones! 

“They’re like £1 each! They’re fab! I 100% recommend these I can’t stand any others.”

Another brand which ticked her boxes was M&S, as she shared snaps of a lacy high-waisted number. 

Mrs Hinch, aka Sophie Hinchliffe, added: “These ones however from M&S are amazing!

"They make me feel really secure! I’m not a g-string kind of girl to be honest. I love these kinda ones! 

“As some of you may know I’ve been many different clothes sizes over the years, but underwear for me has to be comfy and these are SO comfy and I think they’re pretty too.”

But she advised women to stay away from shaping underwear, comparing them to wearing a ‘tyre’.

She wrote: “Right I need to share this with you. So I bought some of these on eBay and they arrived this morning and I’ve been wearing them all day (thought I’d give them a go) TERRIBLE.

"I’ve just taken them off and the relief is unbelievable. Never will I step foot in these particular ones again. By girl. 

“The reason I bought those underwear from eBay was because they were meant to be shaping, contouring, hourglass ones, that give you the shape under a dress or something.

“But they were just terrible. They were so bad, I don't know what I really expected but they were shocking.

"I literally feel like I've been released from a tyre for 10 hours."

After a lengthy debate with her followers, she concluded the top three favourite brands for ‘comfiest knickers’ are Asda, M&S and Primark, with Mrs Hinch admitting she needs to try the supermarket ones. 

And after asking her fans which they prefer to wear, 69 per cent of women claimed they’d rather wear Bridget Jones-style knickers, with 31 per cent opting for a thong. 

She added: “I now have a shopping list as long as my arm of knickers I need to buy.”

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