Mrs Hinch reveals how she gets her ‘stinky bin’ smelling amazing in minutes using £1.15 product

Mrs Hinch reveals how she gets her ‘stinky bin’ smelling amazing in minutes using £1.15 product

July 27, 2020

MRS Hinch has revealed how she gets her ‘stinky’ bin clean and smelling fresh in minutes – hailing a £1.15 product as the secret. 

The mum-of-one might scrub her house from to bottom, but even she can’t stop her bins from smelling terrible. 

Mrs Hinch, aka Sophie Hinchliffe, shared the easy way she banishes bad smells with her 3.2 million followers on Instagram. 

Donning some pink Marigolds, she filmed her bin – which has two compartments – saying: “This is my bin, I love it it’s from Dunelm but it currently stinks. 

“So I’ve taken out these two parts, and I’m going to give them a quick spray down with some Fabulousa.”

She revealed Electrify was her favourite scent, and you can pick up a bottle for just £1.15 online. 

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Explaining the bin cleaning process, Sophie, from Essex added: “Then I’ll put in one of my bin powders, but in some new bags, give it a spray down and it will be done.”

As she got to work on the bin, she revealed she cleans whether she’s in the mood to or not, as it helps motivate her. 

She said: “In the morning I’ll pick something random around the house to clean (today’s the bin).

“I’ll give it some TLC, and one I’ve done it no matter how tired I am the motivation is back.”

Mrs Hinch sprays the lids and the inside and outside of the bins, the pedal and the inserts. 

She then scrubs them down with a cloth, before using a kitchen towel around the edges. 

Mrs Hinch says: “She’s smelling amazing already. 

“I use some kitchen towel to get right into the hinges.

“Or you can use your sonic scrubber. 

“Allow her to dry. Put a new bin liner in.”

The mum says “Ronnie loves to help with this part”, as she filmed the toddler excitedly looking at the bin bags. 

The final step is sprinkling some bin powder at the bottom, which helps banish smells, adding: “Sprinkle in my powder and she’s done. Happy Monday from me and my bin.”

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