Mrs Hinch fans share the savvy ways they reuse their tumble dryer water & they swear it’s the key to a sparkling clean | The Sun

Mrs Hinch fans share the savvy ways they reuse their tumble dryer water & they swear it’s the key to a sparkling clean | The Sun

February 23, 2023

CHANCES are, like most of us, throw away your tumble dryer water without thinking twice about it.

But it turns out it's like gold dust for cleaning and there are a few ways you can make the most of it.

According to fans of cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch the stuff is perfect for odd jobs around the home.

This comes after one keen cleaner posted in a Facebook group looking for ways to use the water.

They wrote: "Can someone please remind me what useful things you can use tumble dryer condenser water for?

"It feels criminal somehow pouring it down the drain. I'd rather reuse if possible."


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It turns out a lot of Hinch fans love using the collected water for cleaning their windows.

And others swear by using it in their iron for a perfect press.

"It's distilled water, so anything that you would use distilled water for. I would pour it in a steam iron," one person commented.

Another added: "Cleaning shower screens, it’s great for that."

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The water is also great for giving dirty mirrors a quick clean or to clean your floor with a steam mop.

Others suggested using the collected water to for plants, but not everyone was convinced.

"Apparently you shouldn't as it is considered grey water," one cleaning fan noted.

The continued: "I was thinking about doing it and was advised by a number or members in a gardening group not to, I did a bit of research and it was confirmed."

If you've got a condenser tumble dryer you'll have a small tank of water which usually needs to be emptied after every couple of uses.

The pros at Simply Electricals explained: "Allowing the water tank to fill and not emptying after every use will slow down the process of drying your clothes and can, in some cases, leave laundry smelling very stale and musty."

So, emptying the water tank is a win-win, leaving you with water to re-use on other cleaning tasks and helping keep your tumble dryer working at it's best.

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