Michelle Keegan has the ‘best boobs in the world’ while Holly Willoughby's are ‘near perfect' according to golden ratio

Michelle Keegan has the ‘best boobs in the world’ while Holly Willoughby's are ‘near perfect' according to golden ratio

November 26, 2020

MICHELLE Keegan has the best breasts in the world – according to the ‘Golden Ratio’.

Ex Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr also scored highly – based on the theory – a system developed by the ancient Greeks to measure physical perfection.

While TV beauties Holly Willoughby and Amanda Holden’s breasts are also blessed with near ‘perfect’ proportions, according to a formula which stipulates the ideal position of the nipples.

The mathematical equation known as Phi devised by the ancient Greeks sees the ideal breast proportion as 45:55.

This is where 45 percent of the breast would be above the nipple (upper pole) and 55 percent below the nipple (lower pole).

Mr Allen Rezai, Consultant Plastic Surgeon compiled a top five list to see how modern celebs breasts’ matched up, according to the formula.

He chose celebrities whose breasts are in natural proportion to their body shape – but said it can be difficult to assess as it depends on the type of bra and clothing they’re wearing.

He selected celebrities with natural looking breasts including Denise Richards, Michelle Keegan, Miranda Kerr, Amanda Holden and Holly Willoughby.

The Harley Street surgeon said the Golden Ratio in breasts for him is about creating breasts that are in proportion with the rest of the body.

He explained the science behind the equation, saying: "The Golden Ratio in breast anatomy considers a three-dimensional, frontal, lateral and vertical geometric view of the breast based on the historically known golden or divine ratio, Phi (1/1.618).

"The Golden Ratio is a proportion that exists throughout nature and has been used for millennia. It can be found in the pyramids of Egypt, facial aesthetics and even the shape of the breast.

"There’s been various studies that define the most attractive breast shape taking into account the ratio of the upper to lower pole of the breast with the level of the nipple marked the dividing line between the upper and lower poles.

"The ratios include 35:65, 45:55, 50:50, and 55:45. One breast ratio which is mostly discussed in the media is 45:55."

Denise Richards – 45:55

This former Real Housewife Of Beverly Hills has scientifically ‘perfect’ breasts, according to the ratio

Mr Allen Rezai MD says: "The size of Denises’s breasts fit perfectly with the proportion of her body and shape.

"Her upper breast tissue appears to be full and supple, which gives a natural look. Providing a natural slope in the upper pole with fullness in the lower pole."

Mr Rezai also added that it’s all about the ‘natural look’ when it comes to breasts; he said ‘has she, or hasn’t she’ is the question a lot of his patients want from surgery – for people not being able to tell if they’ve had breast implants.

Michelle Keegan- 45:55

This actress’s breasts are also scientifically ‘perfect’ – with a 45:55 Golden Ratio equation.

Mr Rezai comments: "Michelle Keegan’s breast ratio of 45:55 provides a natural breast appearance.

"It is in proportion to her slim and petite figure."

Miranda Kerr – 55:45

The ex Victoria’s Secret supermodel also featured in the top five list.

Mr Rezai believes the most attractive breast size and shape is one that complements a person’s figure, rather than under- or overwhelms it.

He said this has a lot to do with proportion and Miranda’s breasts perfectly compliment her body shape, including her hip to waist ratio and height.

He adds: "The tissue appears to be soft, and distributed evenly. They appear full but not overly large – they just sit very well with her proportions."

Holly Willougby – 55:45

This Morning star Holly Willoughby was also listed in Mr Rezai’s compilation as her breasts are in proportion to her figure.

The surgeon adds: "Holly’s breasts are in proportion to her toned figure, with a ratio of 55:45.

"It appears she has a slightly longer upper breast pole compared to the distance from nipple to breast fold."

Amanda Holden – 60:40

The Britain’s Got Talent judge also appeared in the list – with her breasts given a 60:40 ratio based on the formula.

Mr Rezai says: "Amanda Holden’s breast ratio is 60:40 with a longer upper breast pole compared to the distance between nipple to breast fold.

"If she were to have more volume, her breasts would look out of proportion, unless the distance between nipple and breast fold are increased."

Mr Rezai believes a ‘Natural Look’ Breast Augmentation can achieve the Golden Ratio.

But similar to shoe sizing, he says a bespoke treatment plan is vital in achieving natural results, the perfect fit or the Golden Ratio.

What is the golden ratio and how to work it out?

  • The Golden Ratio is the numerical definition of ‘perfect’ beauty which dates back over 2500 years as a ratio of 1:1.618, known as ‘phi’.
  • The mathematical equation sees the ideal breast proportion as 45:55 where 45 percent of the breast would be above the nipple and 55 percent below the nipple.
  • Dr Patrick Mallucci identified the formula for perfect breasts in 2007 after conducting a study where people ranked breast types with different proportions. 
  • The poll found that 87 per cent of respondents ranked breasts of the 45:55 ratio as their favourites.
  • The Upper Pole was either straight or concave, and the nipple was pointing skywards at an average angle of 20 degrees. 
  • In all cases the breasts demonstrated a tight convex lower pole – a neat but voluminous curve.
  • The ratio can be found by measuring the percentage of the breast above and below the nipple.

He says: ‘There is no set method in achieving natural-looking results, Instead treatment plans should be tailored for each patient as every individual is different in terms of anatomy, lifestyle and preference.

‘With a “Natural Look” and the Golden Ratio in mind, I consider patient’s height, weight, breast width, breast height and the distance that exists between the nipple and breast fold, as well as patient’s preference in terms of upper and lower breast pole volume to determine the best breast implant type and size for the patient’s body, as well as the best surgical techniques to employ.

‘However, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and it is not ideal to define beautiful and natural breasts 100% based on one ratio.’

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