Meet the jeado and jekini: denim swimwear is here for summer

Meet the jeado and jekini: denim swimwear is here for summer

May 13, 2019

We’ve seen some interesting uses for denim.

You might remember the asymmetrical jeans or the £235 jean panties (or janties).

But now, you can pick up a full collection of denim swimwear. Yes, the jeado and jekini are here.

The American brand Shinesty are mixing up jeans and swimwear.

There’s a matching bikini or one piece swimsuit for women and swim briefs or trunks for men.

The items are made to look like denim but aren’t actually denim, which is good because we imagine it would get a little heavy for swimming.

The bottoms look like a cut-off pair of jeans and the tops/one-piece looks like a pair of dungarees, complete with belt loops and buckles.

They come in a standard dark denim and some pieces also come in an acid wash denim version.

For women, the one piece swimsuit costs $59.99 (£46.10), while the bikini top costs $49.99 (£38.42) and the bottoms £29.99 (£23.05).

For men, the briefs are $39.99 (£30.74) and the shorts $59.99 (£46.10).

The description on the website for the bikini says: ‘No, this isn’t the love child of Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock – it’s a Daytona Jeankini that was birthed smack dab in the middle of the Daytona 500.’

Unfortunately, as they are being shipped from the US, you’ll have to pay an extra £15.

If the jeado and jekini aren’t really your thing, try this more traditional collection of matching family swimwear from Matalan.

The range features swimsuits, shorts and bikinis for the whole family in a range of bright summer prints.

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