Man shares clever hack to keep your canned drinks cold in the heat – and all you need is a McDonald’s cup | The Sun

Man shares clever hack to keep your canned drinks cold in the heat – and all you need is a McDonald’s cup | The Sun

July 16, 2022

THERE'S nothing worse on a hot day than reaching for a can of drink, only to find that it's warm.

But one man has come up with a clever hack to keep your cans cold even on the hottest day – and all you need is a McDonald's cup.

"In a heatwave and want to keep your can cool?" Mr Hacks London said in a video on his TikTok page.

"Get a McDonald’s cup, you see this one’s got the lid and straw, put a bit of ice inside, put the can in, and then you can put the lid on and the straw through the hole and drink it like that."

Demonstrating, he added that the hack makes your cup a "mini cooler".

"Nobody will bother you, it’s just in the cup like that. Simple. Pro tip," he concluded.

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"Genius, this is amazing," one person praised in the comments section.

While another added: "This is low key smart if you think about it."

"It would work better if you put salt on the ice too…." someone else added.

"Adding salt to the ice can take the temperature from standard freezing point and reduce the temperature to up to -5."

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Mr Hacks London replied that he was going to give it a go, and was planning to "get an even amount of ice in two separate tubs one with salt one without" to test the theory.

"Put more ice around the can," another suggested.

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To which Mr Hacks London replied: "Yeah I think that would help actually."

"Btw I have heard all about u but I didn’t expect u to be this smart," someone else wrote.

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