Low cost hacks to keep cool in a heatwave – from unplugging the TV to why every door should be shut

Low cost hacks to keep cool in a heatwave – from unplugging the TV to why every door should be shut

June 1, 2021

THE sun has come out and let’s hope it’s here to stay and when it does – you better be prepared to chill out and cool down.

With the highest temperature recorded yesterday, the public were relishing in the sunshine.

But sometimes the heat can be too hot to handle.

Interior experts from Thomas Sanderson have shared their low-cost hacks to help cool down your home during the summer months.

Close the blinds

This may seem obvious, but it genuinely does help.

Although natural light is great, too much will have your home feeling like a sauna.

Closing the blinds or curtains during the day will help reduce the amount of heat in your home and have it feeling cooler for longer.

Unplug appliances you are not using

Appliances that have to be plugged in tend to generate a fair amount of heat, which will make a hot day even hotter.

Make sure you unplug items like toasters and chargers or items you have on standby during the day like TVs.

These will not only cool your house down, but they might also save you some money on your electricity bill too.

Loose-fitting clothing

Although this isn’t something that will strictly cool down your home but wearing loose-fitting clothing or shorts instead of trousers will make you feel much more comfortable.  

Wearing these types of clothes will also use less energy cooling down.

Use the same logic at night and opt for cotton pyjamas instead of wool and fleece.

Use your doors

Close off rooms you do not want to use, as this will prevent cool air from flowing into these areas during the hottest part of the day.

Make sure you do the same during the evening too so air can naturally flow through your home.

Swap your sheets

Not only does changing your bedsheets also freshen up the style of your room it is also a great way to keep it cool.

Similarly, to your pyjamas, bedsheets should be cotton as it breathes easier and stays cooler.

Start grilling

It’s not like that any Brit needs an excuse to have a barbeque but using the stove in the summer will make your home hotter.

Use outdoor furniture and have a barbeque or stick to food that does not need heating up or time preparing.

Replace light bulbs

If you haven’t already switched your incandescent bulbs do it now, they waste around 90% of their energy in the heat they emit so swapping them for a CFL will not only cool your house down but will also lower your electric bill.

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