Kim Kardashian’s got time to spare but just how practical are high street versions of her wrap-around heels?

Kim Kardashian’s got time to spare but just how practical are high street versions of her wrap-around heels?

April 13, 2019

DRESSING for the airport is all about comfort – unless you’re Kim Kardashian, who posted an Instagram pic of herself in wrap-around heels and a fitted mini dress on a plane.

Luckily Kim had a private jet, she could have missed a scheduled flight just tieing up her footwear.

Sarah Harrison timed model Francesca Cosh to see  how long it takes to put on  several  high street styles, and Francesca gives her verdict on the tie-ups, rating them for comfort and speed.


  • Heels, £40 from — buy now
  • Dress, £39.99 from New Look
  • Earrings, £12 from River Island

Tie time: 11 minutes 45 seconds

VERDICT: “I love these – even if they do take forever to put on. The zip at the back makes it easier, but threading the laces through took ages. They do slip down, though,  so I would only wear them for a night that involves minimal walking.”



  • Boots, £65 from — buy now
  • Bodysuit, £14 from Forever 21

Tie time: 13 minutes 15 seconds

VERDICT: “I feel exhausted – they were such a hassle to lace up. They’re too bulky. If I was going on a night out, I’d give up by the time I put them on.”



  • Heels, £35 from — buy now
  • Bodysuit, £14 from Miss Selfridge — buy now
  • Earrings, £5.99 from New Look 
  • Hair clips, £7 a pack from Debenhams

Tie time: 1 minute 45 seconds

VERDICT: “What I save in time when first doing them up, I lose when having to retie them because they keep slipping down. The laces don’t have a good grip. Definitely a potential trip hazard.”



  • Sandals, £19.99 from Bebo at TK Maxx — buy now
  • Dress, £28 from — buy now
  • Earrings, £10 from River Island — buy now

Tie time: 4minutes 45 seconds

VERDICT: “I found these really comfortable. I would definitely put on this pair to go out, even  if I was heading to the airport for a long flight. The heel isn’t painful and its block shape makes a real difference in terms of comfort.”



  • Heels, £30 from
  • Bodysuit, £15 from — buy now
  • Skirt, £30 from

Tie time: 13 minutes 45 seconds

VERDICT: “These are so uncomfortable I couldn’t imagine wearing them on a flight, like Kim. Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be to undo these at security, then put them back on? Madness!”


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