Kelly Osbourne Shows Off Slim Frame In Overalls After Confirming 85 Lb. Weight Loss: Before & After Pics

Kelly Osbourne Shows Off Slim Frame In Overalls After Confirming 85 Lb. Weight Loss: Before & After Pics

August 12, 2020

One week after revealing she shed 85 pounds, Kelly Osbourne stepped out with her slimmed-down figure on full display in a pair of black overalls on Aug. 10.

Kelly Osbourne, 35, recently wowed fans with her new look after losing 85 pounds, and she stepped out to show off the results yet again on Aug. 10. Kelly was photographed shopping in Los Angeles while wearing a pair of black overalls for the outing. She paired the look with socks and slide sandals, along with a black jacket — and, of course, a trusty mask amidst the coronavirus pandemic!

To glam up her otherwise casual outfit, Kelly wore her purple hair pulled back into intricate, braided double buns. She also rocked stylish, black-rimmed glasses and an array of necklaces. Two days earlier, Kelly covered up a bit more while out and about in a baggy sweatshirt, but her weight loss was still very much on display thanks to her tight black leggings.

Although Kelly has been showing off her slimmer figure on Instagram for weeks now, it wasn’t until Aug. 3 that she actually confirmed how much weight she’d lost. Kelly shared a glamorous selfie of herself in the car, which led her pal, Mama Mai, to comment, “Oh my gosh, you lost a lot of weight,” with a kissing-face emoji.

Today I’m feeling #Gucci 💜❤️

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Kelly responded to the comment directly and revealed exactly how many lbs. she had shed. “That’s right mamma Mai I lost 85 lbs. since I last saw you,” she wrote. “Can you believe it?” At that point, several other fans jumped in to rave over how amazing Kelly looked, with many asking how she lost the weight. However, Kelly has not shared her secrets at this time.

In addition to seeing numbers go down on the scale, Kelly also recently revealed that she’s going down in clothing sizes, too. She recently shared a dress she was purchasing on Instagram, and revealed that the ensemble was a size 26. “Yes I’m bragging because I worked hard and it feels good!!!!” Kelly captioned the pic. We certainly don’t blame her!

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