Kate’s coronation horoscope reveals she will be a ‘healing energy and unifying force’ for year ahead, astrologer says | The Sun

Kate’s coronation horoscope reveals she will be a ‘healing energy and unifying force’ for year ahead, astrologer says | The Sun

May 6, 2023

PRINCESS Kate's coronation astrological forecast predicts she will be a "healing energy and unifying force" for the monarchy in the year ahead, according to Princess Diana's former astrologer.

Royal astrologer Debbie Frank worked with the late Princess Diana for years guiding her through some of the most turbulent parts of her life.

In specially prepared forecasts for The Sun to mark King Charles's coronation on Saturday, Debbie reveals how hard-working Capricorn Kate is being encouraged to revamp her image and try new things.

"Princess Kate is born under the hard-working sign of Capricorn," Debbie said.  

"She approaches her new role with innate commitment, yet Uranus is now encouraging her to refresh her image and become available for new kinds of engagements and projects. 

"Kate herself has a healing energy that can be put out into the world as a unifying force. 

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"We can expect to see more of her royal radiance as Jupiter crosses over her Midheaven both this Summer and early next year.

"The shy Capricorn persona will be relaxing into an obvious enjoyment in her connection with the public."

Meanwhile, Prince William will be making a "great leap" in terms of his role and reach, according to Debbie.

"Prince William, a Cancerian is also stepping up a notch as Pluto pulses into his Jupiter and midheaven," she said.

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"He will be making a great leap in terms of his role and reach in life. 

"The taskmaster planet Saturn is ratcheting up his duties and asking him to take his responsibilities very seriously. 

"He’s ready for this and will carve out his new niche as Prince of Wales with strategies that build a pathway into his own Kingship one day. 

"William’s empathy will be the cornerstone of everything he undertakes."

Debbie, who first began working for Princess Diana in February 1989, also revealed how Prince Harry's forecast for his sign of Virgo indicates he is heading for a mid-life crisis.

She said: "Virgo Prince Harry is entering into the astrological mid-life crisis zone with Pluto in conflict with his natal Pluto. 

"This signifies upheavals and changes in life direction.  

"At the same time, Harry has revolutionary Uranus moving across his Moon in the home and family angle of his chart. 

"Very much the signature of further separation from his roots and a tendency towards emotional outbursts and rifts with family members."

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