I've raked in $20k teaching men how to land a woman – I'm basically the sexy man whisperer | The Sun

I've raked in $20k teaching men how to land a woman – I'm basically the sexy man whisperer | The Sun

November 1, 2022

A MODEL has revealed how she has made $20,000 talking to married men online.

She claims it's a "win-win" that saves their marriages while making her rich.

Lana May, 42, from Los Angeles, US, made headlines after revealing she dates much younger men and isn't bothered that they are closer in age to her teenage daughter, Sasha, 17.

Now the savvy mum has turned her seduction skills into a business – coaching men on how to "land a lady" and maintain a relationship with romance.

A self-proclaimed "sexy man whisperer", Lana believes she is saving marriages and that the men aren't cheating – even if they view her naked photos.

"I'm a sexy man whisperer for those at a loose end," she told NudePR.com.


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"So far, it's a pretty even mix of single and married men.

"Most of them are desperate for a connection, others are trying to revive the spark in their marriages.

"I help them; at the start of the call I'll ask if they want coaching or sexting or dirty talk, which helps them polish up their skills.

"Some tell me they love their wives so much but they haven't been intimate and want advice on how to get that back.

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"A lot of the single men ask me how they can get a woman as beautiful as myself and I give them tips.

"Paying for my coaching service means these men want to work on their relationships or selves.

"And I love to be able to help with the intimacy side of things."

But the advice doesn't come for free.

Charging $15 a minute for 30-minute sessions, Lana has raked in over $20,000 in just six months.

The model, who already makes thousands on OnlyFans per year sharing saucy snaps, started the venture earlier this year and already has repeat customers.

She is also being praised by friends for her "service".

The mum said: "I have a lot of repeated custom and I only do the coaching when I want to.

"Most are already paying for my OnlyFans so this deepens the connection they have with me.

"I don't think they are cheating by subscribing to my OnlyFans already as they would have sourced that elsewhere.

"I told some of my female friends and they applauded me, saying I was doing them a service.

"They even said the wives should be grateful and should be paying for it.

"Even my daughter knows what I do and she’s super supportive.

"At the end of the day, nobody is getting hurt and it's not an affair in the traditional sense.

"I'm saving relationships and being good-looking doesn't hurt."

The sessions take place via Skype or Zoom and Lana believes she has already saved half a dozen marriages.

With the bulk of her clientele contacting her via OnlyFans, she also gets business from her social media profiles.

However, she admits to having had a few rogue fans including somebody she briefly dated and the son of one of her best friends.

She added: "There was a 23-year-old who subscribed and had paid for a load of my pictures and videos on OnlyFans.

"When he wanted the service I realised he was a friend's son who I hadn't seen since he was eight years old.

"I told him I would go away and think about it.

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"I'm sure his intentions are like the others but I don't know how comfortable I would be with that.

"With the guy I used to date, he must have seen something in me and wants to use that for his new love interest."

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