I’ve had so many hairdressing fails in the past but the worst was when the stylist mistook my EAR LOBE for my locks

I’ve had so many hairdressing fails in the past but the worst was when the stylist mistook my EAR LOBE for my locks

March 4, 2022

WHEN you pay a professional to cut your hair, you expect to walk out feeling like a million dollars.

But that was far from the case for one US-based woman, who took to TikTok to recall how she visited the hairdresser for a regular chop, only for her right ear lobe to be cut off instead.

In response to one social media user who asked: "What’s the worst thing a salon has ever done to you?" Kat replied: "Well, I could talk abut when they got the wax stuck in my hair and they had to rip a big chunk out of it, but that’s not it."

Or when they cut 13 inches off my hair instead of three – but that’s not it either."


Or when they over-processed me so bad that my highlights fell out – also not that."

She then claimed: "The worst thing that ever happened was when she cut off my earlobe."

Kat then went on to show the difference between her "normal" left earlobe compared to her right.

"See the difference?" she asked. "That’s the worst ting that’s ever happened in a salon."

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And Kat's social media followers took to the comments section to express how they were left horrified by the revelation.

"It's not hard to get wax out of hair… Also not that hard to not cut a freaking ear off," wrote one.

A second commented: "I mean wtf," while a third added: "Omg – that's awful."

Another asked: "How did they mistake 3 in for 13??? And how did you not notice?"

Kat replied: "My prescription is -13…once my glasses come off I'm just at the mercy of the stylist.

Speaking of beauty blunders, this woman asked her hairdresser to turn her blonde…it was so bad she tried to hide it by sending her home with her hair in a BUN.

Plus, this woman the hairdresser for basic ombre…what she ended up with was NOTHING like the picture.

And another was left furious after spending £730 on a haircut – only for her locks to fall out in chunks just days later.

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