I’ve got eight kids and live off benefits – people call me trash and lazy but I'm addicted to pregnancy so I don't care

I’ve got eight kids and live off benefits – people call me trash and lazy but I'm addicted to pregnancy so I don't care

October 18, 2021

A MUM-of-eight who proudly lives off benefits says she's often called trashy and lazy for having so many kids but she doesn't care what people think.

Marie Buchan, a single mum from Birmingham, reckons she's "addicted to pregnancy" and will keep having more – even if it means relying on tax-payers' money.

The single mum, famously known as the "Octomum", first made her situation known when she appeared on the Channel 4 show Only Human in 2016, but a snippit of the episode has recently resurfaced on TikTok.

In it, she says: "I am addicted to pregnancy, I'm addicted to birth and feeding, I'm addicted to that.

"I think a lot of people do see me as trash really. Lazy, useless, just producing babies for money."

Speaking of one of her babies at that time, she said: "She's a happy baby, That's why I could very easily do it again."

It doesn't bother Marie that he family rely on benefits to get by.

In fact, she reportedly receives £500 in benefits every week to run her household – that's about £26,000 a year.

Marie, who has seven girls and one boy who are now aged between six and 18, has since been dubbed one of Britain's biggest benefit scroungers.

She also appeared on the Channel 5 show Benefits Britain: Life On The Dole where she claimed to work 21-hour days looking after her kids.

But Marie has caused controversy by appearing to use her state handouts to fund her pretty lavish lifestyle.

Last year she saved up for a boob job through car boot sales and part-time work to cover the boob op rather than dip in to her benefits.

Before Christmas, she came under fire again after she planned to jet off to Spain because she “needed a break”.

In Janurary this year, the mum reportedly had coronovirus which had her locked in her room while her kids tlooked after themselves.

Speaking from her home in Weoley Castle, Birmingham at the time, she said: "The situation is a complete nightmare.

"My children are downstairs and it’s horrible because I can hear the youngest one crying for me but I just can't risk any of them catching it so I have to stay in my bedroom."

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