I've flown private since 22, dated a Real Housewife & am friends with millionaires – now I run my own business | The Sun

I've flown private since 22, dated a Real Housewife & am friends with millionaires – now I run my own business | The Sun

August 1, 2023

FROM flying in private jets to dating celebrities and partying with the stars, one man has lived many lives.

He gave The U.S. Sun a glimpse into his high rolling lifestyle and how he's taken his Rolodex to big business.

Justin Estill, 39, is no stranger to the sweet life and even started his own rental service with business partner Manny Galera called Dream Prestiges.

The company provides top tier rentals for luxury concierge services, including private jets and yachts.

Currently based between Miami and New York City, Justin still stays true to his Texan roots.

Due to his humble beginnings, he didn't actually start traveling like the stars until his early 20s.

In an exclusive interview, he told The U.S. Sun: "Being from Texas, private jets were very rare.

"My first private jet experience was amazing. I flew out of the East Hampton and down to Miami for my first time.

"The experience is completely different.

"You get to drive up to the tarmac to a plane with very little to no security, and it's just a real smooth and and luxurious process."

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When it comes to serving the wealthiest, Justin's world of yachts and private jets comes with all the amenities.

Yachts are rented out in four-hour blocks, but can go up to six or eight hours.

"For around $2,500 you can get a four-hour trip not including the tip for the captain," he said.

Private jets have an even higher price tag, with some planes looking more like apartments.

"We have planes with bedrooms, we have Maybach sprinters that are fully customized, security, full on chefs, you name it," he shared.

Renting out a private jet from Dream Prestiges costs anywhere from $15,000 to $35,000 one way.

Requests from riders come with exquisite tastes, including bottles in five-figure price ranges.

"Caviar, champagne, wine, Pétrus," he said.

"Sometimes we get $10,000, $15,000, $20,000 bottles of alcohol and wines that they wanted."


"When I first moved to New York, I was modeling Ford, Wilhelmina, Calvin Klein campaigns, all stuff like that.

"Then I got into nightlife, working in clubs. I helped open every venue you've ever been to in New York," he said.

After working in the city's iconic nightlife, Justin decided he wanted something new and headed down to Miami to continue his work in luxurious circles.

"In the past five years I've been doing real estate and then Dream Prestiges came after that," he said.


The introduction to the high life lead Justin to date and mingle in wealthier circles, even getting close to Ramona Singer from Real Housewives of New York.

"I dated a lot of wealthy divorced ladies. Ramona [Singer] and I dated for a long time on the low," he said.

Although Justin has had his fair share of working in television and being in the spotlight, he's putting his all into the business he's created.

"I always stay behind the scenes. I'm more of a business man," he revealed.


The idea for a luxury concierge service came to him after meeting his now business partner, Manny.

"When I came down to Miami to complete my real estate license and get residency down here, I met Manny and that's where we co-created it.

"I had the concept of Dream Prestiges and I just kind of stuck it together, funded it, put the money together and hired the marketing people," he said.

Justin's business includes wealthy clientele whose net worths can reach to the billions.

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"We get millionaire and billionaire net worths and we deal with everyday business people as well.

"They'll come get a Rolls Royce or they'll take a car and one of our bigger yachts as well," he added.

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