I’ve been pregnant for 12 years – trolls say I’m loose but I’m ready for another baby | The Sun

I’ve been pregnant for 12 years – trolls say I’m loose but I’m ready for another baby | The Sun

April 30, 2023

A HAPPY mum has sent TikTok wild after revealing she’s been pregnant for 12 years.

Ariel Tyson shared every year she’s been pregnant on her TikTok page and while trolls say she’s loose, she claims there could be a new baby in the making. 

Ariel and her husband Michael have an impressive 2.2million followers on social media. 

The couple are proud parents to six boys and one girl and won’t rule out making their family of nine a team of ten this year. 

In a recent clip, Ariel dances around her kitchen while cuddling her toddler.

She bops along to the Meghan Trainor song I Am Your Mother as text pops up on the screen. 

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“Years I’ve been pregnant,” it reads.

Ariel reveals the different years she’s been pregnant to the beat of the music. 

Her first pregnancy was in 2009, and she sadly lost the baby. 

She was then pregnant from 2010 to 2015, 2017 and 2019 to 2021.

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The fun-loving mum leaves a blank space afterwards, suggesting that she’s not against another little one joining the brood. 

Ariel captioned her video: “When being pregnant is your personality.”

She then asks her followers: “How many different years have you been pregnant?”

Mean trolls were quick to comment on the clip, as one replied: “She must be loose.”

Another challenged the mum: “Prove it, where they at.” 

Ariel replied earnestly: “At school when I recorded this.” 

A third troll commented: “She’s playing the 100 kids Sims 4 challenge.” 

Other people were much kinder to the family-driven woman, and shared their own impressive pregnancy stories. 

Surviving On Grace replied: “My grand grandma had 16 and she lived to be 96. Keep going, I have five myself.” 

Meelo Peelo said: “My mum had 12 children so it’s not a big deal.”

Ariel and Michael’s followers were eager to hear if the happy couple really were planning to add another baby to the family, but they’re staying tight lipped so far. 

“Awww, is there one on the way?” asked a kind viewer.

“Not that I know of yet,” said Ariel. “We’re just chatting about it now. Wanted us all to get healthy after Michael’s scare last year.”

Ariel and Michael have already predicted how many grandchildren they’ll have in the future. 

Using a novelty filter, the pair shared what they’d look like as grandparents and Ariel claimed she’d be very happy with an older Michael.

The text reads: “POV: You’re scrolling TikTok in 2055 and we’re still here with our 20+ grandkids.”

“I’ll take an older version of Michael,” she wrote.

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