Inside Khloe Kardashian's ever-changing face: see how the star's features have shifted in the last 15 years

Inside Khloe Kardashian's ever-changing face: see how the star's features have shifted in the last 15 years

January 30, 2022

PART of growing up in front of the cameras is that people get to see you change constantly.

And one of the celebs who has been non-stop in the limelight for their ever-changing bodies is Khloe Kardashian.

Back in 2020, the Kardashian sister admitted to getting a nose job but fans have actually wondered if she's done something else to her face after noticing her drastic transformation.

Here's a look at Khloe's ever-changing face these past 15 years:


When Khloe first appeared on our TV as Kim Kardashian's little sister, her face looked nothing like what she looks like now.

Dr. Urso-Baiarda previously told The Sun: "She starts off moderately square-jawed with a wide chin. In these shots, she also has a reasonably full nose."

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It was around this time that signs of Khloe undergoing some type of procedure began appearing.

The now-married woman sported a thicker upper lip, which hinted that she might have been getting lip fillers to show off a more plump pout.


After finding herself single once more, Khloe began to embody the idea of a revenge body.

She worked out non-stop, shared her routines on social media, and hired a nutritionist to set her up on a diet according to her DNA.

No doubt that her healthier lifestyle shifted her body and her face was completely transformed, sporting high cheekbones and a sultrier look.

Aside from that, she continued to indulge in lip fillers, keeping up her plump pout.

Dr. Urso-Baiarda told The Sun previously that Khloé’s face shape seemed to be changing dramatically now.

He theorized: "Something interesting seems to have happened specifically between 2015 and 2016, where Khloé’s cheekbones become more defined and her mid-face less full.

"One possibility is that she had buccal fat pads – (two pouches of fat on the lower side of her face)- removed."

This could have involved a surgeon making small cuts to the inside of  Khloé’s mouth and cheeks to remove them.

This can help create a more sculpted, slimmer look in the hollow part of the cheeks, giving Khloé a more delicate face shape.

Dr. Fluvio Urso-Baiarda adds: "It also looks like work has been done on her nose around now –  and the projection  reduced a bit."


It was at this time that Khloe began to "glow-up" and people wondered where her old self had gone.

At the time, she admitted that she had been using lip fillers and injectables like Botox to keep her skin plump and smooth.


Not only was her skin smoother and her lips plumper, but suddenly, Khloe's nose looked slimmer than ever before.

Although she credited her makeup artist for the amazing nose contouring, she later admitted that she had also gotten a nose job to slim it.

She further claimed at the time that her body had changed due to pregnancy.

After having True, Khloe claimed pregnancy made her lips bigger.


By 2019, Khloe continued her face modifications as she suddenly had a more chiseled jaw.

however, this one seemed to be non-surgical and simply a result of cosmetic procedures and lifestyle changes.


2021 was a pretty chaotic year for Khloe who felt like she was battling plastic surgery rumors left and right.

This was mainly due to the fact that an unedited picture of her had leaked and people realized how different she was in real life compared to her Instagram version.

She finally admitted that she had had a nose job and would edit her pictures because she felt insecure most of the time.

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