Imran Potato Exits Summer With More Faux YEEZY Slides and "Gucci" Monograms

Imran Potato Exits Summer With More Faux YEEZY Slides and "Gucci" Monograms

September 11, 2020

Why should fashion be serious? Professional prankster Imran Potato thinks it ought to be more than a little fun, as evidenced by the imagery issued for his Summer 2020 release. Comprising a host of wearables, accessories and some familiar-looking footwear, Potato’s latest is a reminder to enjoy more and stress less.

Potato’s “Crab” sandals — a cheeky rework of the unreleased YEEZY 450 Slide — accompany a fresh selection of socks emblazoned with faux Gucci monograms, reinforcing the creative’s love of bootleg design. There are plenty of original items, however, including shirts laden with old school tech, like VCRs and early wireless phones, currency symbol-printed basketball shorts and the “Potato Haircut & Style” hoodie. Elsewhere, faux Nike Air Force 1 backpacks and some colorful totes emblazoned with characters straight out of an early-2000s Flash browser game encourage fans to show love for Potato while on the go.

The latest limited edition items drop today onImran Potato’s website.

A similar sense of tongue-in-cheek references inspired Vetements to recently call out Balenciaga for “stealing” a design.

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