I’m very fat but know I’m very sexy – trolls say I need to keep out of the kitchen and go to the gym but I don’t care | The Sun

I’m very fat but know I’m very sexy – trolls say I need to keep out of the kitchen and go to the gym but I don’t care | The Sun

February 28, 2023

WHILE many people will refrain from using the word “fat” to describe others, one woman has claimed that she doesn’t think the word is a bad one and doesn’t hold back from using it to describe herself.

Posting on TikTok under the username @paschloelepine, the brunette beauty describes herself as “very fat” and “very sexy.”

However, although she radiates confidence and body positivity, the woman explained that has often been subject to the abuse of trolls online. 

She recently took to the social media app to clap back at nasty trolls that criticised her appearance and said she needed to lose weight.

The woman shared a video in response to a comment from a troll that read: “We need to keep you out of the kitchen! Gym instead.”

In the woman's clip, she wore a strappy floral dress as she showed off her figure.

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She mimed along to a popular social media audio that said: “Just a reminder, that I am very fat and very sexy.”

As she got closer to the camera, the body confident woman continued: “And I am 100% glorifying obesity and there’s nothing you can do about it.” 

The woman’s clip has clearly shocked many, as it has quickly raked up 86.5k views.

It has 8,596 likes, 428 comments and 109 shares.

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Social media users were overwhelmingly supportive of the young woman and flooded the comments sending her messages of love, whilst praising her confidence.  

One person said: “Giving us very much queen energy❤️❤️” to which the woman responded “Only made this video so other women would hype me up and have my back.

“So far I’m not disappointed.” 

Another added: “Yes QUEEN.” 

A third commented: “HERE FOR THIS.” 

Whilst another user posted: “You are FABULOUS.” 

However, not every was as complimentary.

Meanwhile, someone else noted: “I think being confident is one thing. Always be proud, but please don't glorify obesity. This is not a good way to go about it.” 

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Another user shared: “I don’t disagree but glorifying obesity is not okay. This woman is in fact obese.” 

Whilst another user chimed in: “I can confidently make the statement that you are uneducated, unhealthy and ignorant. Gross.”

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