I’m trolled for my kids’ £6k wardrobes, people say I’m stealing their childhoods with their adult looks but I don’t care

I’m trolled for my kids’ £6k wardrobes, people say I’m stealing their childhoods with their adult looks but I don’t care

May 9, 2022

A MUM has spent £6,000 dressing her children up in stylish outfits – but trolls have called her out for dressing her kids as ‘mini adults’.

Jyotika Rai Rana, 30, a stay-at-home mum from Kent, has gone viral on TikTok for sharing her children’s fashionable clobber.

The mum-of-two lives with her husband, Ganesh, 34 and their children, Joy, four, and Miggin, two.

Growing up, she had little interest in fashion but soon fell in love with creating gorgeous looks after putting together a photoshoot for her newborn daughter.

Now, Jyvotika creates elaborate outfits for her two kids – using mostly high street clothes, but has spent £6,000 doing so.

The sibling duo has now gone viral for their incredible wardrobe and even landed brand deals from their style which draws inspiration from K-pop bands.


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“At the beginning, I shared the outfits purely because I have a history of losing or breaking my phone, so social media was my sort of ‘online’ folder of memories," Jyotika told Jam Press.

“I didn’t expect them to get so much attention though.

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“Joy loves dressing up but Miggin however still has no idea what’s going on – he loves posing with his sister though.

“I usually shop from all over the place, from high street shops to online stores, such as Zara, Primark and Shein.”

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Although the family has thousands of devoted fans, some have called Jyotika out, telling her “kids should be kids”.

In a recent clip uploaded to TikTok, which has since received 3.1 million views and 778,000 likes, she shows off her son’s latest outfit.

She begins by showing Miggin as a baby, before revealing him now while wearing a loose-fitted blue and white shirt.

Other outfits include an oversized black trench coat with Burberry scarf and a sweater vest with baggy beige trousers.

“Let them be kids fs sake they are just kids put them in dinosaur tshirts and tights,” one viewer commented.

Someone else said: "Simply no. I can't let my niece grow up. Stop."

But many were in awe over the children's fashionable looks.

“We do it because it’s fun – there’s nothing wrong with wanting your child to look good."

“He’s literally an icon and I’m not even joking," wrote one user.

“That’s the cutest, most stylish baby I’ve ever seen,” someone else wrote.

One viewer commented: “Do they do his clothes in my size? Or can you be my stylist?”

Jyotika pays no attention to the haters and says her children are "happy and loved".

She said: “I don’t really let [negativity] get to me, as I know they have a normal lifestyle like any other children.

“They are happy kids who are very loved.

“There was really no inspiration or motive behind this interest, I just loved adoring my children like any mother would.

“I love them in their oversize neutral coloured outfits, as well as a trench coat.

“We do it because it’s fun – there’s nothing wrong with wanting your child to look good.

“It's a form of art and practice definitely makes perfect."

And although the mum has spent £6,000 on her children's clothes, this budget was used over five years – meaning she actually spent on average £120 a month on the toddlers.

Jyotika is also passionate about making sure no clothes go to waste and often makes some of the money back.

She added: “We resell our pre-loved clothing after we wear it once or twice and most of their outfits aren’t too expensive.

“I believe money can be earned in time, but their childhood cannot be bought back when they grow up – I have zero regrets.

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“Only time will tell if either of them will seek a career in fashion but I have no intention of putting any kind of pressure on them.

“I think everyone has a stylist inside of them, you just need to find the confidence.”

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